How to Improve SEO Rankings Using Google Plus

It is important for a company to have a strong online presence. The best way to promote yourself is making use of SEO services like SEO Warrington. Having an online presence will allow your company to be widely known. This,in turn, increases the company’s profit. You have the option to hire a company like SEO Warrington to handle the marketing for you, or you can also do it yourself. One way to start is by using Google Plus.
How exactly do you make use of Google Plus to increase your search rankings? Here are some of the methods you can do to achieve just that.

Create a Google Plus page

Create a page for your company on Google Plus. Though Google has stopped allowing multiple administrators on the page for some time, thankfully they lifted it. So, it is basically easy as pie for brands or companies to sign up and create a page. Just make sure that the important details are filled.

Join as many circles as you can

This step might be a bit confusing, but it is the quickest way to start improving your SEO Rankings. If you find this step overwhelming, you can always hire companies like SEO Warrington to do it for you.
Create circles in your profile and add as many people as you can to it. Try adding people or companies that are in the same industry. This includes rivals and potential clients. Don’t forget to remind the people in your circle that you exist. Throw in a logo, email signature, or a business card to the reminder as well.

Make use of photos

Google Plus includes all the photos of the URL that is shared on your page. So remember to try to include as many photos as you can. Just make sure to define the sizes of the images beforehand, as it might turn out wrong. Remember, every-time you upload an image, the thumbnail directly opens the full-size photo. If you have photos that lead to a page or a site, don’t forget to add the URL you want it to open to.

Use as much keywords as you can

Use as many keywords as you can, but do not randomly spam them. Google’s system may not find anything specific to help you increase your site’s traffic. If you want to make things easier, you can make use of marketing agencies like SEO Warrington.
To effectively use Google Plus’ system, you must schedule your posts that contain relevant keywords. You do not have to worry about the length of your post. Just make sure it stays relevant to the image your company wants to portray.

Take advantage of hashtags

Unlike how most social media sites use hashtags, Google Plus uses them in a different way. It uses the tags to create a semantic analysis to connect topics to each other. It will group similar topics to each other and not randomly group them together.

Use the Google Plus ad service

Turn your most popular posts to ads. Google will post them on a wide range of sites and pages. As a result, it increases your reach to a wider market. It also pushes people to continually repost your ads until the promotion is over.
Google Plus isn’t exactly a top social media platform. However, it helps you promote on different devices or services. Make full use of the Google Plus platform and increase your SEO rankings in no time.

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