How you can increase customer engagement online with UX design

How to increase customer engagement with UX design

Every person who opens a website is a potential customer. The UX design will either create more curiosity or make the customer bored and leave. Engaging the customer is vital for any website to gain trust in the brand and its products. 

Let’s look at how to keep the visitors interested and engaged on a website.

Design a mobile-friendly website

Designing a mobile-friendly website is one of the most effective ways to keep your customers engaged on your website for a long time. Everyone has easy access to their mobile phone anywhere, anytime.

The customers quickly check up on their favourite website whenever they can. It is an excellent approach to keep your customers engaged by designing a mobile-friendly website.

Pay extra attention to your content.

Your website content is one of the critical elements that will keep website visitors engaged. Focus on making your content user-centric; this will boost the activity of your website.

Remember, customers love the details of the product and services you are offering. Additional information about the product, in-depth usage of the product, and educating them about the content will significantly boost the customer’s engagement.

Website speed optimization

Speed is another critical factor that plays a vital role in keeping your customers engage with great enthusiasm. If the webpage can load in the first few seconds, the customer’s attention is not divided or cause any distraction.

Complete fledged speed loading website encourages the customer to stay longer and enjoy the UX design at its best.

Keep the navigations simple.

Complications in navigating the website get annoying for the customers, giving them the tendency to exit the website. The information, tabs, categories and other links should be simple enough to go with the flow.

The website that required excessive typing, navigating back and forth to look up for the specific product, multiple window pop-ups, etc., reduces the customers’ interest.

Highlight the peak products of your website

Daily visiting customers may not be much enthusiastic about looking at the same products most of the time. It is an excellent method to keep the most selling, trending or demanding products highlighted on the website. It allows you to grab the customers interest and attention on your website and increase the customer’s engagement.

Social media presence

It is one or the other way; a visitor could land on your website and turn into a potential customer. One effective method is to create social media accounts on multiple platforms. 

Most of us are always on social media scrolling and tapping the screen for hours. Updating your feeds regularly with exciting offers and announcement increases a chance to attract more customers to visit your website.


UX design is all about the feel you allow your customers through your website’s representation. It is essential to let your customer get complete satisfaction on visiting your webpage. Delivering them with their needs and requirements is the most effective way to keep the customers engaged. It also gives them a reason to come back to your website.