How to Increase Your Productivity Within the Workplace

Sometimes it can take a while to get your creative juices flowing, especially when 3pm hits. We’ve all experienced this mental block that stops you from actually doing anything productive. But how can you change your unhealthy work habits?

I’ve curated 4 top tips on keeping yourself busy and productive throughout the day, meaning no more unfinished tasks sitting in your to-do list!

Be Conscious of How Much Time You Dedicate to Each Task

You’ll be sat at your desk, working merrily through a task that you thought would last you a maximum of 30 minutes. You check your clock and shock horror, a whole hour or two has passed! What?!

Sometimes you need to set yourself specific windows of time to complete each job. Only some people are able to accurately tell how much time they spend on each task, with the rest of us failing even to finish them on time. Give yourself a set amount of time for each task to avoid this upsetting revelation.

Make Sure You Take Regular Breaks

This could sound counterproductive but taking regular breaks can dramatically improve your concentration when performing tasks. Eventually, staring at a computer screen all day takes its toll, and you can be left staring off into space before you know it.

Research has shown that taking short breaks throughout longer tasks helps you to maintain a perfect amount of concentration. When you decide not to take a break, this allows performance to decline. Go and make yourself a coffee!

Turn Off All Notifications

Not even the strongest of people can resist checking their phones or emails when that little notification bell or buzz sounds. Therefore, it stands to reason that turning off your notifications or your device altogether allows you to concentrate further on your tasks.

Allowing yourself full attention to each task means that you can then allocate yourself time later in the day to reply to all your emails and messages, rather than trying to keep up with them throughout the day.

Decorate Your Surroundings

Research has found that decorating your office and desk with aesthetically pleasing items such as plants and other décor increases productivity by 15 per cent. Decorate your limited workspace with all things that make you smile to keep your brain working all day.

Not only is it great for increasing your productivity, but it’s also been proved to improve your mood within the office drastically. Sometimes you might not be in the best state of mind but bringing things from home to work with you in close proximity allows your mood to change for the better.

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