How to Keep Up Brand Consistency in Your Marketing

How to Keep Up Brand Consistency in Your Marketing

Have you wondered what gives a marketing campaign that ‘it’ factor? The answer to this is brand consistency. Brand consistency is keeping all of your branding similar across every marketing channel you have. At first glance, however, this can be a daunting prospect. Read on for tips and tricks on how you can keep up brand consistency throughout your marketing, and keep an impression of your brand fresh in your audience’s mind.


Create Brand Guidelines

One of the most critical things to do for brand consistency is outlining a brand guideline. A brand guideline is a collection of colours, fonts, and moodboards that relate to your brand. This gives you a single point of reference to constantly come back to and double check that everything you make matches your guidelines. A brand guideline does go beyond just colours and fonts, however. You will need to also consider things like your brand’s voice. Are you trying to make your brand seem clean and professional? Personable and friendly? This intent should go into every part of your brand, from written content to logo designs.

Collect All Your Marketing Assets

Slightly different from brand guidelines are marketing assets. These include your brand guidelines, but may also include key images and videos that you will be reusing often. For example, your brand may have a spokesperson that you want to make front and centre on your campaigns. By keeping all your assets easily accessible you can refer to them much easier. It also makes it much easier for others who will also work on your marketing campaigns, as they can see with one look exactly what kind of image you want your brand to give with the collection of assets you have.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Consistency with your brand is all well and good, but it’s also important to make sure that everyone working on your marketing campaigns are on the same page. You will save yourself a lot of time and potential headaches if you make sure that everyone understands the intent of your brand and what you want to accomplish with this marketing campaign. Then, making sure everyone knows how the campaign is running is critical as well. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a marketing calendar. This is used as a roadmap for all your marketing activities, seeing when things need to be completed and launched by when, and keeps the rest of your team in the loop about what to do and where to move next.

Always Look For Inspiration

As with all design, one of the key things to do is keep looking for things to be inspired by. Inspiration very rarely comes from a vacuum, and you will need to constantly engage in design and marketing spaces to keep ideas flowing. Follow plenty of design accounts on social media, whether this be design agencies or independent freelancers, and keep activity looking for what designs are trending right now on websites such as Dribbble and Canva.

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