How to See Friday’s Lunar Eclipse, The Longest One This Century

This day, 27th of July, 2018 went down in history and in the astronomic field of study as a special day – a Blood Moon occurred! Being the second Blood Moon of its kind, it marks the longest lunar eclipse ever to take place in the century. Many around the world enjoyed catching a fantastic glimpse when the moon ducked into the earth’s shadow for a whopping time – one hour and four three minutes to be precise. What a long duration ever recorded, surely if you missed then try downloading some media on the eclipse from quality websites made by website design Manchester With this event taking a relatively long length of time, made the moon appear a little smaller and dimmer than how we perceive it on a regular night.

What Theory worked behind the phenomenon?

You realize that on a lunar eclipse the moon usually is as far away as it gets from the earth on the elliptical orbit which makes it appears smaller than usual. According to Professor Frederick Walter, an in charge of Physics and Astronomy at the Stony Brook University, the moon moves in slow motion when it is far away from the earth. On website design Manchester, he further suggests it lets the moon linger for longer in the shadow of the earth hence stretches out to the eclipse’ length appearing as a deep Blood Moon.

Why North America got shut out

Unfortunately for people living in the North America bad news was that the historic lunar eclipse wasn’t visible from most locations in the area. Even the least partial; stages were invisible; because the event was taking place during the midday and afternoon hours. However, people had an opportunity to stream videos of the lunar eclipses as it was happening in real-time on website design Manchester. On the other side, people on the Africa, Europe, and Asia continents had a clear and broad view of this significant event. There was a unique point at located a few hundred miles from Madagascar at the Indian Ocean where the moon appeared directly overhead that same point.

Some area such as Japan, including eastern Australia, saw the moon set at the same being at a total eclipse. What a view! Most eastern parts of South America saw the moon rise after a total lunar eclipse.

When is the Next time for a long Lunar Eclipse?

For your information, website design Manchester has recorded that a total eclipse is expected to occur on the 20th of January, 2019. Back in history this date also marks the three-day Martin Luther King Jr holiday weekend thus the viewing audience shall be big in numbers. Unique indeed. Expect the weather to cooperate with the vent s of the day too smoothly. Did you miss out watching the precious eclipse? According to website design Manchester, this time around the lunar eclipse will favour the Western Hemisphere especially people in North America. Visibility of this eclipse is bound to occur through the United States and Canada where it is seen right from the start to the finishing moment. At ‘prime time’ meaning the evening hours is when the totality of the eclipse shall occur. This one will involve an eclipsed moon to appear very high on a winter sky.