How To Understand Web Analytics

Are you someone who feels a little intimidated by the phrase “web analytics”? If so, you’re not alone. That term can send a chill through the spine of even the most seasoned web expert, which is a shame because getting to grips with it can really help your website and your business.

In this blog from Blue Whale Media, the web design Warrington based company, we’ll explain the basic principles of web analytics and show you how they can benefit your company with increased sales and more traffic to your WordPress website. 

So what are web analytics?

In short, web analytics are statistics about your website traffic. Here at the Warrington web design company Blue Whale Media we can recommend the best plugin for your WordPress website that will provide the best web analytics for you. But in this blog we can give you a general overview of the benefits you can expect. They influence three main categories: visitors, traffic sources and site content. So, let’s break those down and cover each area.


Web analytics can tell you how many visitors are actually coming to your site and the average amount of time a visitor stays. The data can also tell you whether those visitors are new, or if they’re returning. Obviously, this can be hugely beneficial if you’re in a business that depends on repeat customers. Perhaps you organise conferences, for instance, and people book places through your site. Wouldn’t it be great to see if the same professionals are coming back time and time again? Also, on the subject of visitors, web analytics can tell you what people are looking for through analysis of search keywords.

Traffic sources

This is a metric that explains how visitors actually found your site. For instance, did they come through another website or did they find you through a search engine?

Site content

Web analytics can tell you which are the most popular pages on your website, and which are the least popular. The statistics can also tell you how many visitors left your site on arrival, which is known as “bounce rate”. Studying bounce rates can provide insights into why people are leaving the pages. But in general, you can minimise bounce rates by making sure that your landing pages correspond to your adverts and the content you put out on social media, such as Twitter.  

Have we convinced you?

So can you see how web analytics can help your business? We hope so, because we’re a Warrington web design company that specialises in providing excellent WordPress solutions for you and your website. With our help, you can find the best tools to analyse your data and help your business grow. Why no get in touch today?

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