How To Write Engaging Blogs

You’re a busy person, right? Time is precious as you wade through a sea of emails, meetings and decisions. But think of this blog as a life raft. Climb on board and take time to consider the importance of blogging and how to write engaging blogs – ones that people will read and enjoy!

Here at Blue Whale Media, the web design Warrington based company, we’re happy to share our expertise in this all-important area. And we hope the following advice will inspire you to get blogging yourself, or realise the benefits of employing someone to do it for you.

The power of you!

To kick off, here’s a little writing secret: putting the word “you” in a blog creates a strong chance of engaging your reader. That one word has a lot of power in it because it shows that you understand your reader and appreciate his or her situation. It sometimes helps to imagine one person who you’re addressing and create a persona for them. Obviously, this will depend on what you’re selling and your target audience but it’s a good way of encouraging the words to flow out of you. 

Problems and solutions

Another way of capturing your reader’s interest is by starting your article with a common problem that your reader can relate to. And then you can explain how your business can provide a solution to that problem. The next time you watch TV, study the adverts and you’ll notice how many adverts start with a problem – such as a headache or a cumbersome vacuum cleaner – and then present their product as the solution. As a Warrington website design company, Blue Whale Media loves to tackle any internet problems you might be having and find the best solution for you. 

But why do I need to blog?  

A good volume of blogs will help your website climb up the search engine rankings. The more you write, the more chance customers will find you – with the help of some carefully placed keywords, of course, and a good SEO strategy. But it’s important that your content is well-written, or relevant to an audience, because Google algorithms are very clever now, and they’re rewarding good content with higher positions. Also, the search engine companies – including Bing and Yahoo – are employing Search Engine Evaluators. Believe it or not, these employees are actually humans, like you and me, with eyes to assess what your website is like and whether it deserves it’s position. And if you’ve got good content, there’s a chance they may suggest a higher position.

To wrap up

The website design Warrington based company Blue Whale Media can provide plenty more advice and help for all your blogging needs. We’re skilled at designing SEO strategies and practices to help you climb up the search rankings. And we can find the right keywords for your business and then incorporate these keywords into entertaining and informative blogs.

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