How to write good Instagram captions to improve your social media marketing

How to write good Instagram captions

Instagram marketing is all about the visuals, but the caption of an Instagram post is where you can have a voice for that visual content.

A good Instagram caption explains what the photo or video is about and tells your followers to take action or makes your content all the more delightful and sharable.

As you work to improve the captions your write for Instagram, here are some tips to help you from our expert marketing team at Blue Whale Media.

Write several drafts first

It’s important to take your time when constructing a great Instagram caption that will keep your followers engaged and encourage them to engage with your content. At Blue Whale Media, our social media team ensure the thorough planning of captions for the best engagement possible. Planning is key when it comes to copywriting; your Instagram captions should go through a couple of drafts before being published.

Include a call to action (CTA)

If you don’t actively direct your followers to take action, it’s possible they won’t and won’t discover more about your brand. A CTA in your Instagram caption will direct your followers to your website and end up purchasing a product or service from you. Here are some examples of a simple CTA from our social media team at Blue Whale Media:

  1. Why not visit the link in our bio to learn more about us?
  2. To find more information, head to the link in our bio.

Use Instagram captions that trigger emotions

Our emotions heavily influence what we buy and what we look at on social media. When writing social media posts, you need to tap into your follower’s emotions through the captions you write. This can help you increase sales and engagement, especially when you can invoke feelings of fear, belonging, trust and inspiration.

Use consistent brand voice

It’s best to work out your brand voice early on, as this will influence how you write your captions as well as the images or videos your share. Your brand voice should be consistent across your website and social accounts, but with Instagram captions, they should always be light and friendly no matter the message.

Consider length

Keep in mind that many people scroll through their Instagram feed at a quick pace, meaning that you have to grab their attention almost immediately. If there is a question of how long a caption should be, its best to keep it brief. Instagram suggests 125 characters or less, but try to give context where you can. Also, we’d recommend not burning all the important information at the end of the caption as you want people to find out more about your brand.

You need to make the most of an Instagram caption if you want to grow your business account, gain higher visibility and build an online community around your brand. The bottom line is that captions play just as an essential part of overall marketing as your images or video when it comes to success.