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How You Can Sell On Instagram Effectively

Social media has exploded on the internet, and now marketers are using these platforms to sell their products and learning to leverage their unique capacities to target their potential customers. Different social media platforms target different audiences and age groups. For example, baby boomers tend to use Facebook more than any other platform. On the other hand, younger age groups, like millennials, tend to use other platforms. People in the age ranges of 18-34 comprise a massive 64% of its users. Although, this doesn’t mean that when you start taking advantage of Instagram marketing that you will see results straight away. Instagram was created for a very specific need and specifically for the mobile platform. It was made so when people took photos or videos they could upload them almost instantly. If you want to sell on Instagram you need to ensure that your marketing plays to the strengths of your product or service. So how do you do that?

Convert to a business account

Although this may sound like an obvious step to take in order to be selling successfully on Instagram, there are still many businesses that haven’t changed their account to business. Converting your standard Instagram account to a business account enables you to have a number of selling and reporting options. Some features you are able to access after making this switch are; post insights – this enables you to see how well your posts are doing and where most of your engagements are coming from. You can also add a CTA button to your account underneath your bio and it gives you the option to call, message, or get in touch with your business. You are able to add story links and run your ads through Facebook business manager.

Start running ads

A lot of business owners think you need a big budget in order to create social media ads for their business. This, however, is not correct. You do need to ensure that the ad you are wanting to promote is executed effectively, you will get more for your money running low-paid Instagram ads. When promoting on Instagram it is always going to be hard to not just press ‘promote’. Doing this means your target audience and demographics will be limited, resulting in your ad not reaching the people you need it to reach. If done correctly, you can remarket your ad to Instagram users who have taken specific actions on your website and get them to buy a product they haven’t before.

Instagram stories

Another way to sell on Instagram is through the stories eCommerce shopping feature. Your stories are a way to link images on Instagram and only last 24 hours. Shopping on Instagram is enabled on the stories feature as well, so if you had a limited time sale, for example, you could post the various products on your own story. Ecommerce shopping tags are also built onto stories as well so people can click on the link and quickly make purchases. With the correct application and marketing skills, Instagram stories can also be an effective way to sell your products.

Partner with influencers

Influencer marketing has been on the rise for a while now, and especially prominent on Instagram. You will also find this is popular with selling physical products. When a post uses an influencer it brings in a whole new audience for the company. Using influencers instead of promoting a post through Instagram is going to be so much more effective. Although it may be quite difficult to actually partner with an influencer, especially if your business is just starting out.


When it comes to hashtags you may think they don’t work when expanding your business and its audience. But did you know that hashtags are the biggest way to make an impact with your organic campaign? Once you have switched to a business profile you are able to see on a post-by-post basis, how many impressions come via hashtags, and how many of the posts you reached weren’t following you when they saw your post. When you are smart with your hashtags both of these are likely to skyrocket.