Why the UK has not Blocked Huawei’s 5G Equipment

New Zealand became the latest country to block a mobile telephony company Spark from using Huawei’s equipment to develop its 5G network.

This move has raised concern why the UK is not taking steps in regards to using of Chinese Huawei’s technology. Web Designers Warrington is keenly following these developments.

Spark released a news item where it stated that the use of Chinese technology posed a security risk, implying that China might use the equipment to spy or sabotage the country’s communication in case of future disagreements.

The United States and Australia were already on the forefront in the ban. Canada is doing its review before coming up with a comprehensive report.

The UK is a member of the alliance on Intelligence and is the only country not executing the ban.

Etwan Lawson a member of UK defence body RUSI added his voice that soon 5 G will be available to everything as the country moves to IOT (Internet of Things). He said there was less concern about Foreign-based suppliers of hardware. Web Designers Warrington is aware that the internet will change the way of life.

Huawei Responded by stating that it was aware of Sparks concerns and was looking into it.

They stated that they are committed to developing trust-based relations with its customers and security was one of the key concern.

Is the UK not concerned?

UK Government through a cabinet office spokesperson through the BBC stated that the administration and Britain telecoms have a working relationship at home and overseas to make sure that the countries benefit from modern technology while at the same time dealing with cybersecurity. Web Designers Warrington is aware of cyber risks.

She also said that there were Huawei staff in Banbury Oxford shire who answers to GCHQ to arrest any security concerns. She, however, could not give an assurance that Huawei posed no security risks.

Last month, the UK government wrote to the telecoms warning them that a review of their equipment could change the current laws more so in their procurement.
It didn’t give direct reference to Huawei but Financial Times revealed that existence of that letter meaning a ban is possible.

Mr Lawson expressed his fears that if the Chinese company was a ban, it could damage close business ties with China which could lead to economic implications.

How secure is Huawei and UK ties?

Huawei started its operations in the year 2001 and mobile companies BT and Vodafone have used its equipment in development of its 2G, 3G and 4G networks to connect to homes in UK and businesses.

The leading three mobile companies in the UK, i.e. the Vodafone, EE and Three are preparing to use Huawei equipment on their 5G network. Web Designers Warrington is a user of the telecoms.

Telefonica is also in the process of testing the equipment and might use it in the UK.
Huawei has expressed concerns that it has invested in research and development in many learning institutions in the UK.

Does Huawei Pose a security risk

The company affirms that it’s a private company with the Chinese Government other than a taxpayer.

It also notes that it has invested heavily in research and development.

However, critics have said that one of its founders Ren Zhengfei worked in the army as an engineer and was a member of the communist party in China.

Prof Anthony Gless, a security director in Buckingham University, stated that there is evidence of close Chinese ties with private companies. He further added that other countries have already blocked Huawei. Web Designers Warrington notes of the impact.

A cybersecurity risk expert Ross Anderson stated that Huawei could work with China to interfere with the infrastructure. He stated that the risk is there though China does not want to be seen a wanting to defend Huawei.

China is currently keen in the fighting of president trumps threat on trade tariffs and plans to help Huawei might backfire.