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Blue Whale Media local champions: Hydrodry Carpet Care

Over four billion people are using the internet and over five billion internet searches are made per day on Google alone.

Websites are becoming increasingly important and a useful requirement for modern life businesses. As a marketing agency, the team at Blue Whale Media understands how much having a website can boost your business. Which is why we created a website for the local company ‘Hydrodry Carpet Care.’

Hydrodry Carpet Care is a professional organisation based in Warrington that specialises in restoring and rejuvenating domestic and commercial carpets.

What We Did.

Our team developed a new and contemporary website for Hydrodry Carpet Care with a modern feel. We chose neutral, fresh colours and tones to complement the company name in addition to a reel of professional photographs that showcase the company’s previous work. The graphics department also designed a fresh logo to compliment the new and updated website.

Our web design team incorporated numerous calls to actions across the site to engage with users as well as boost conversion rates and communication. We also included links to relevant social media platforms and an integrated contact form that make this website very appealing and easy for customers to engage with.

Professional Photographs

Professional Photography is an integral part of any brand’s message, tone of voice and overall perception, therefore forming the very backbone of most business’ marketing activity.

When our website design team incorporates professional photographs within a website, it is to enhance the company’s authenticity and credibility. Including photography alone on your website can increase your conversions by 161%.

Biggest Change.

Hydro Dry Carpet Care has advanced a lot since the start of their website project. The biggest change with regards to the website would have to be the new organised layout. Users will now be able to find the information they need in the appropriate segments on the website as well as being able to see the images displayed on the screen clearly.

Website Layout

A good website layout keeps users on the website because it makes crucial information easily accessible and intuitive to find. Every website created by Blue Whale Media has an exceptional website design; this is to ensure users visit websites without being deterred. Our website design team knows that there’s a strong relationship between layout and the engagement of website visitors.


Website engagement is very important because you can use it to improve the delivery of the service and the content in a way that connects with what the user wants to see. It is essential to maintain a friendly relationship with your website visitors and make them visit again. Even with our own website, the team at Blue Whale Media monitors website engagement carefully to see which content, images, or videos users interact with. The rule of thumb to improve user engagement: deliver high-quality content of any kind to the right people at the right time.

If you want to be taken seriously as a business, then you need to be serious about taking your business further. Nothing says professional company more than your own professional website.