How Do I Get Quick Results from My Small Business WordPress Website?

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform out there. One in four websites are built on WordPress, and for a reason. WordPress is not only easy to use for a lay person, a WordPress website is relatively quicker to build and a lot more affordable. At the end of the day, you want your WordPress website to deliver results. Right? So what should you do to ensure your WordPress website begins delivering results right from the time it’s launched? Our web design Manchester team shares some excellent ideas and tips to help you in this direction.

Hire an Agency Specialising in Small Business WordPress Websites

The sooner your launch your website, the sooner will you be able to generate traffic, enquiries and sales. So, the first thing you should do is to hire a reliable and professional web design Manchester agency. If you hire a big brand agency, you may not only have to pay big money, you also have to wait for a long time to see your website launch. Instead, hire a boutique web design Manchester agency that specialises in small business websites. Blue Whale Media can build your small business website within a week from the time you approve the quote. Of course, the actual time we take will depend a lot on you, your cooperation and how soon you approve each step of the web design process. So how much does a WordPress website cost? We can build a mobile responsive, stunning, future ready WordPress website starting £295 + VAT.

Calculate Your Break Even

Say you commission an 8-page website, which costs £495 + VAT. This includes the cost of your domain name for the first year. Other additional charges include hosting and monthly maintenance plans which can cost around £50 per month. Based on these numbers, your website would cost roughly £1100. That comes to approximately £92 per month. How many orders should you be getting a month to break even? Of course that depends on the price of your products/services and your margins. Let’s say you generate £50 of revenue from each sale that gives you a net profit of around £20. You should be generating around 5 sales a month to break even. And every sale you generate thereafter in the month is your pure profit.

Let’s Get Started

For this to work, you need an expert web design Manchester agency by your side. Get in touch with Blue Whale Media today to get quick results from your small business WordPress website.

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