If I Service Many Locations Should I Have Specific Content about Those Places

The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Building professional website & specific content begins with guiding prospective customers to the right page and the right service. Since most search engines including Google list search results based on location, it’s important that your services and their locations are placed together.

The Importance of Local SEO

Customers are increasingly showing a preference to opt for local businesses. When they embark on a search online, they also begin their search with the name of the service they are looking for followed by the location of the business in question. These two factors are the main reasons any professional website content needs to be optimised based on the business’ location. So if you offer services across a city, state or township, it’s good to have a single domain and multiple pages for each location.

Organize the Site Well

Geo-specific professional website content does not mean using the same content across different pages and merely swapping out the location details. The content for each page has to be fresh and unique. The reason for this goes beyond content duplication penalties – it lies in bringing the prospective customer a more personalised user experience. At Blue Whale Media, we highly recommend creating blogs to offer customers the information they are looking for, and in the process, make sure your products and services gain visibility. Blogs are also a great way to continue to connect with your customers when you keep posting content relevant to your location. Using the right keywords in your content is also a must. The simplest way to arrive at the right keywords is to enter in your search criteria and scroll down to look at the related search section to make sure you are on the right track. And finally page titles and meta description need to be locally optimised too. Given that these snippets are what gain a visitor’s attention first, it’s best to make sure your keywords and locations are placed here as well.

Benefits of Geo-targeted Content

Geo-targeted professional website content helps customers identify businesses closest to their neighbourhood. From the business’ point of view, geo-targeted content can help increase conversions too, i.e. increase the chance of a website visitor, upon finding what they were looking for, doing business with you.

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