Different Imagery for Facebook Adverts

If you have ever looked into Facebook adverts, then you’ll know the freedom you get with deciding what adverts you want to pay for. There’s a lot to choose from, whether it’s promoting your Facebook page, getting more website visitors, promoting your call now button or promoting locally. Obviously, you don’t have to run adverts, your Facebook page will still work but to get a high amount of traffic to your website, you need to invest. When creating Facebook adverts, you are allowed to choose from many options including what images/videos you want to display.

Single Image

The most basic option for an advert image is a single image. This is pretty explanatory and focuses on just one picture that will help pull the advert together. The benefits of having one single image is that it doesn’t take up as much time as you can focus on just that one and it might make it easier to focus on just one topic. The disadvantage is that you only have one space to put all your information in. If you are going to use a single image, then I would recommend making it an eye-catching image based on one topic that only includes 20% of text. This will follow the rules of successful Facebook advert images.


Another option you have is a video. Especially in 2019, video has been one of the top trends and still continues to be. Video has been used a lot across all social media platforms but especially on Facebook. As you scroll down your newsfeed, you’re bound to fall upon multiple videos that are easy to watch, especially on your phone. With that in mind, having a video on your advert would be more likely to catch the user’s eye. Not only are videos a great way to display multiple information but it’s also easier to watch on multiple platforms. If you are going down the video route, make sure you create one that looks professional and represents your business.


If you are looking for a Carousel option, this allows you to show multiple images that viewers can scroll through. This is a popular option as it adds more detail than just a single image but is easier to do than creating a video. You can add multiple images which focus on different areas of your business such as products/services. For example, if you were a company selling phones then you can promote multiple brands of phones but on the same advert. Not only will this allow your customers to see the full extensive range of your services, but it will also save you time as it is all in one advert.


A slideshow option is similar to carousel but slightly different. A slideshow will allow you to create a video with up to ten images. This is also an alternative to creating a video. All you have to do is add multiple images and then pick the speed you want them to show at. By doing this, it is a nice easy flow for your customers to see but also means less work for you, especially if you haven’t got the right tools to make a full video.

Advertise on Facebook

Now you’ve learnt about the different imagery you can use for Facebook adverts, it’s time to start creating your own. Even though this might seem pretty easy, it can be a difficult task as there are so many aspects to think about and getting it right is important. To find out more about Facebook marketing, visit our website.

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