Why Your Site Should Always Be Mobile-Friendly

When you own a website, your major goal is to reach your target audience, regardless of where they are right? We are living in the era of advanced technology, and in a world where everyone uses smartphones. Every website owner needs to ensure that mobile users can access their website, and stay happy during the experience. Optimising your website for mobile use is really no longer just a trend or even an option, it’s a priority. Mobile is where customers are, always on the go, and this is where you need to be. Here are the top reasons why your website needs to be mobile friendly.


Mobile-friendly designs make websites more available because mobile users use the website at any point, regardless of where they are. One of the major reasons why its so important for a website to be mobile friendly is because mobile users can access their browser whenever they want, even when PCs or laptops are unavailable.

Improved User Experience

On a mobile device, a website changes from vertical to a horizontal configuration, giving a different display of content and pictures. Responsive website designs make it possible for the website to fit the mobile screen perfectly, by contracting the pictures and the content. This improves the user experience by making navigation easier.


Responsive website designs are so cost effective because they can change in accordance to the screen size. This minimizes the costs that you would initially have to put up to customize your website to different screen sizes.

Increase in Sales

Web-based purchasing is growing rapidly with an ever-increasing number of people making purchases from their mobile devices. It would be an incredibly savvy strategy for web-based business to extend their services to mobile users by making their website mobile-friendly.

Improved Google Ranking

According to statistics, about 98% of people search for whatever they want on Google. Most of these only use the results that appear on the first page. To appear on the first page, a website needs to be well optimised for search ranking, well designed, and to be user-friendly, because Google favours user-friendly websites.

Search Engines Care About Website Design

As stated above, Google usually prioritises websites with a great mobile-friendly design, since they know this is what most users are looking for. As a matter of fact, Google has already stated that they prefer responsive websites to those have both desktop and mobile versions of their website. Google wants to ensure that its users get the best user experience and the best of what they are searching for.


Mobile-friendly websites are the future of business and all web-based businesses need to be ready. Mobile responsiveness is actually just one aspect of having a successful website. Websites that are not mobile-friendly are easily becoming defunct in the fast-evolving digital world we are living in. As more and more mobile-friendly websites are designed, they will rank higher on Google, pushing down the ones that are not. This means that website that is not mobile friendly will barely have any chance to reach their target audience.

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