Important Features For Your Product Page

Product pages usually on e-commerce sites, are pages which are designed to give information about the various products or services which the business deals in. Considering the online market is a very competitive arena, SEO Warrington advises that these pages should be optimised for improved user experience and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as well to rank well on the various search engines. This will make the website easily visible online for their specific keywords and improve the probability of their link being clicked. Additionally, there are other features which you can include in your product pages to ensure success, as well as improved SEO ranking and some of them, include;

Product Reviews

Include genuine reviews on the page – a significant percentage of people often check for reviews online about the product they are looking for before making the final decision to purchase. Most reviews are often positive ones however the negative ones can be the most beneficial considering the will help you improve areas which you failing on. You should, therefore, strive to make your customers leave reviews on your product pages and ensure you mark them up with Review and Rating schema so they can be picked up by the search engines and improve the SEO standings.

Fast Loading

Make the product page fast – research has proven that most people tend to leave pages that load for three seconds or more. SEO Warrington believes such individuals will most likely head for competing brands to get the desired products or services. Furthermore, Google will notice the high abandoning rates from your website which would signify that your site is not beneficial to the user and negatively affecting your SEO rankings. You should, therefore, conduct tests to ensure the website is highly responsive and loads within the shortest time possible to enhance customer experience on the site.

Improve Trust

Getting people to purchase products from you online is mostly about trust. The customers should be assured that you are authentic before they hand you their money. The webpage should, therefore, include an about us section alongside functioning contact information where the customers can reach you through. There should as well be adequate information about shipping, payments, returns, etc. to ensure the business and the clients are on the same page about everything concerning the transaction.

Structured Data/Schema Markup

Include structured data for the various products on your page – one of the most essential SEO strategies for various webpages is the use of structured data. Such data, alongside marked up product reviews will make the brand stand out from other competing brands and increase the probability of potential customers clicking on the website. SEO Warrington further disclosed that such data inform search engines of the various specific product characteristics i.e. dimensions, available colours, etc. which is easily recognisable for google and enables the inclusion of extra information on the search results.


Test the product page – there are various tools such as Google Analytics that can provide an understanding of how people view and interact with your page. Such insight can be used to make the necessary improvements and ensure better performance, user-friendliness of the page guaranteeing the best user experience while on the platform and consequently the success of the e-commerce store.

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