Why a professional logo design is important for your brand and company.

The Importance of a Professional Logo for Your Brand

Think about reputed brands such as McDonald’s, Apple, or Nike. You can probably tell that a product is from one of these brands simply by looking at the logo. You don’t need the brand name to be spelled out in their products/designs for you to recognize them, That’s what a good logo does. It gives your brand a unique identity and makes it the basis for which people recognize the brand.

Listed below are five reasons why a professional logo design will benefit your brand:

It Gives Your Brand an Identity

Designing a logo for your brand is like marking it. When you imprint this logo on business cards, posters, stationery, or any other item, it is a way of letting people know that your brand is linked with those items. 

A logo conveys to people what the values of your brand are, what types of products you specialise in, what services you sell, and what you do to benefit customers. You can directly communicate all these sentiments directly through your logo. For instance, notice how Little Minds Book Box uses an owl to represent them? This is done deliberately because an owl is associated with wisdom and that is what the brand wishes to sell.

It Invites the Possibility of New Customers to Explore Your Brand

We live in a world that is all for visual stimulation. With a good logo, you can capture people’s attention enough for them to want to explore your brand. Use your logo to communicate with customers. The Foragers Table is a restaurant that entices customers with their clever logo design. Just one glance at their logo is enough to let people know the kind of food lovers the restaurant targets.

It Sets You Apart from Competitors

Let’s take the example of pizza places. Most of them incorporate the image of a pizza or a baker in some form. They do this because this way, customers can instantly tell what the brand offers just by looking at their logo. 

This type of logo design works, but we encourage you to think out of the box and create something unique if inspiration strikes. Who knows, you could create something as iconic as Starbucks’ mermaid logo. At first glance, a mermaid appears to have no correlation with a coffee place, but this ‘unusual’ pairing got people talking and is one of the reasons the logo is legendary. 

It Facilitates Loyalty to Your Brand

It’s not unusual for brands to update and tweak their logo whenever necessary. You have to keep up with design trends after all. However, doing this too often can be off-putting for consumers. They associate your brand with a certain logo. Changing it requires them to reacquaint themselves with your brand. However, once they recognize your brand’s logo, they feel a sense of familiarity and loyalty.

It Helps You Advertise Your Brand

Putting your logo out there through social media posts, products, billboards, business cards, and other such mediums are all forms of advertising. Having a good logo in place is a marketing win for your brand.