How to improve the conversion rate on checkout pages and reduce basket abandonment.

Strategies to improve conversion rates on checkout

Too many website owners have conversion rates drop due to shopping cart abandonment. The number of sales you get will impact how well your business does, no matter how cool your website looks.

Creating a smooth checkout process can go a long way towards pushing customers to finish their purchases. While eliminating cart abandonment completely is impossible, the good news is that there are quite a few ways to boost your ecommerce checkout conversion rate.

At Blue Whale Media, our team has put together some tactics that you can implement on your checkout page to improve your ecommerce conversion rates alongside the best website design in Manchester.

Why customers abandon carts?

Cart abandonment happens when a user adds one or more products to their cart and then leaves the website without completing their purchase for some reason. Shopping cart abandonment on ecommerce websites averages around 69%. Some of the most common reasons why visitors abandon their shopping carts include:

  • Unexpected extra costs
  • Having to create an account
  • Complicated checkout process
  • Security concerns
  • Lack of payment methods

One page Checkout

With the advantages and disadvantages of one page and multi page checkout, focusing on simplifying the checkout process. This helps your customer feel good, saves them time and means customers are less likely to abandon their cart. Some e-commerce sites require you to create an account to buy, whereas others offer guest checkout options. It’s best to include a guest checkout option as creating an account may be too much of a commitment for first-time buyers.

Avoid Hidden Information

One of the biggest reasons you’ll find your customers are abandoning the website is surprise changes that make the shopper unhappy. Avoid extra charges where possible and give the shopper a heads up about the money that will be included, so they are prepared to pay it. We’d recommend clearly showing your shipping, tax and postage costs.

Clear Call to Actions (CTA’s)

CTAs are vitally important to getting potential customers to engage with your store. Don’t leave people confused; tell them exactly what to do with a call to action. Here’s an example: proceed to payment, apply to the basket, go back a step and go to payment. This may be obvious to you, but sometimes guidance is needed, it may be obscure to your non-tech-savvy visitors.

Improve Website Speed

With the introduction of 4G and 5G internet, people have come to expect fast web browsing experiences, regardless of the website type. 70% of people claim that website speed influences their buying decisions. One way to do this is to update a better hosting plan to boost speed and keep your user happy.

Depending on how your website is set up at the moment, there are more than likely to be a number of changes you could implement to increase or boost your conversion rates at check out. These tactics should raise conversion rates at the checkout, try each one, and closely monitor your conversion rate. You may be surprised to see how these small changes can benefit you tremendously.