How you can increase eCommerce conversions and sales with professional website videos.

How You Can Increase eCommerce Conversions With Videos.

Business owners spend so much time and energy into developing the perfect eCommerce business. Now what you need is a killer marketing strategy. We’re aware of how entrepreneurs get traffic to their website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, or Paid Advertising. But how many of these visitors buy the products? Here, the word Conversion strategy takes center stage. It plays a crucial role in enhancing our online revenues. Using an effective conversion marketing strategy is vital. After all, who does not want to boost their eCommerce sales?

Many ideas are out there on Google to help you find the most suitable conversion strategy. But the ultimate winner amongst all is video marketing. It is undoubtedly true that videos are an excellent way to attract customers. Studies suggest that customers are more likely to buy a product after watching an appealing marketing video. Making such videos depends on a host of factors. There are different marketing videos to use while being mindful of the product development, current sales, website, etc.

Making brand videos and commercials was hitherto, expensive and complicated affair. But today, with the rapid technological developments, it is easy to create and publish your videos. You can use it to build brand awareness and reach out to potential buyers. Wondering what type of videos to make? Let’s take a look at some popular video types:

Brand videos

A company could use this kind of video to make a buzzworthy introduction to your brand. Meaning, it can create a storm. They’re usually short and lucid. You can make use of our brand logos and catchphrases to make a lasting impression. You should make use of this tool to stand out from other brands. The goal is to engage and intrigue.

Explainer videos

You can curate explainer videos with minimum content.  It calls for a concise and straightforward explanation of our product or services. So, offer your clients invaluable information and guidance through explainers. At the same time, subtly share knowledge and introduce the product to the viewers.

Educational videos

Survey shows that our brains can retain more information when we learn with the help of visuals. Most of us are visual learners. The use of visuals through videography helps viewers understand complex concepts with clarity. Whiteboard videos are a commonly used technique for making such videos. It not only educates but answers their questions. Likewise, you can convey your messages profoundly. Cementing connections with your clientele can be achieved through the right video. It all weighs in on how well you prepare the videos.

Testimonial videos

We all want to be on the right side of our customers, don’t we? You can reach out to your satisfied customers and make meaningful customer testimonial videos. The key here is to be authentic.  In return, you can offer discount coupons or freebies to these customers. Testimonial videos need not necessarily be about customers all the time! You can use employee testimonials to show the audience about your work environment and work ethics. 

Event videos

Got an upcoming event? A workshop, an anniversary, or a conference? You can utilize your social pages to enable our customers to witness snippets and clippings of the events. It helps keep your brand stay active in the public eye. Why should you have all the fun? Make announcements. Invite your audience. Involve them in your journey. 

Comparison videos

Many a time, as customers, we get overwhelmed by the number of choices at our disposal. What can you do to make things simpler? Comparison videos aspire to do just that. By comparing similar products and highlighting their pros and cons, you offer your clients a big help. It will undoubtedly make decision-making easier for them. 

FAQ’s videos

You don’t always need top quality cameras for our videos. You can make short, high-quality videos that answer the Frequently Asked Questions with your phone cameras as well! Answer common queries and share details about the products as necessary. Make proper guidelines to follow through the video.


Here is another cheap and easy way to drive customers to your brand. They’re an exciting way to grab the attention of the audience. Not only do influencers talk, but these videos are also shareable! It could be your company vlogs too. Vloggers not only tell a story but foster awareness about the product.

As mentioned, video marketing is here to stay. Being skeptical and sitting on the fence will not help in converting shoppers. A report from Wyzlow states that those businesses using video marketing reported a whopping 76% increase in traffic. The final goal is profit. A survey by Animoto says that 88% of entrepreneurs are satisfied with their Return on Investment (ROI) from their video marketing strategy.

Before you prepare a video marketing strategy, plan. Get your team and all the stakeholders together. Chalk out the goals, the purpose, and the target audience. Set your budget. If needed, create your script. Find the right music or sound effects. Choose your channels. Where do you want to put your video? How accessible do you want it to be? Set up a dedicated social channel. There are many options available under the sun today. You can start from YouTube.

Forbes says that nearly a billion people watch videos on Facebook every day. That did not seem to convince you enough. Latest Wyzlow statistics report that 80% of video marketers say video has helped increase sales. And 84% of consumers say they buy a product after watching a brand’s video. 

These are not musings. They are actual data right in front of you. While we’re talking about why videos are sure winners for e-commerce conversions, people out there are making it happen! It is beneficial if you can make these videos regularly. Video marketing is the mainstay of e-commerce now. Stop sitting on the sidelines. No businessmen can get by without video marketing. Focus on showing engaging content. It is worth an investment. Strive to keep your audience informed and entertained.