How Can Instagram Stories Help with Your Marketing?

If you use Instagram, then you won’t be able to miss Instagram stories. These are the small pictures/videos that appear at the top of your home page and are probably what gave Instagram the edge on Snapchat. Instagram is great for both personal and professional use but can work wonders for your marketing. When looking into Instagram stories, it’s all about knowing how they can help your business and what will work best for you. There are a variety of ways in which you can incorporate highlights into your marketing plan and here’s a few examples.

New Product Announcements

Whenever you bring out a new product or service, everyone knows that you need to promote it to your customers or potential customers on social media. An Instagram story allows you to showcase your product from multiple different angles, in full detail and list all the benefits that it has. Obviously, you will be posting statuses about the product but having it on your story and then to your highlights can help with the build-up of the release and even allow you to get feedback with polls, ratings etc. When you do release a new product or service, you can also add the link to the Instagram highlight which will send the customers straight to your website.

Q&A Sessions

Every company has questions they get asked every day and a lot of the time, they are the same questions just by different people. Instagram stories are a great way to answer your most popular questions and there are two ways to go about this. The first option you have is to pre-record the Q&A session and have people send in their questions and you film the answers then post to your story. On the other side of this, you can actually go live on an Instagram story which will allow the viewers to ask questions and you can answer them on the spot. Either one will be effective and will allow you to connect with your audience and show them that you are listening to them and replying to their queries.

Behind The Scenes

Instagram stories can also help with brand identity. Every company wants to let customers see the whole of their brand including members of staff, the workplace, the production and the culture. A great way to achieve this is by providing a behind the scenes look that you might not normally post. An example with Blue Whale Media could be when we take part in a charity event or the drone pilots take our Inspire 2 Drone out for filming. It is especially good if you can get the work including whether it is a service or product. Obviously, your behind the scenes story will relate to your company whether it be a factory, office or out on the job. Overall, this can provide more insight for your customers.


Another benefit to Instagram stories is the chance you get to interact with followers similar to Q&A sessions. An example of this is giving shoutouts to customers who love your brand and love the products/services you sell. This is a smart way to use your audience’s content but also show that you appreciate people reviewing your product, especially if they have taken a picture of the product. You can share posts that people have published and tag them to show that people are interested in your company.

Blue Whale Media’s Instagram Marketing

Want to start using Instagram stories for your business? We have a highly trained marketing team who can run your Instagram account for you with regular posts, customised graphics and stories that will represent your brand in the best way. Or you can focus on your Instagram stories and we will run the rest for you! To find out what we can do for you, don’t forget to visit our social media marketing page or call 01925 552050 to have a direct chat with one of our team members.

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