Is Email Marketing Dead?

There have been rumours for quite some time that email marketing is dead or at least dying. On the contrary, web design agency Liverpool gladly informs you that email marketing is not dead or dying, in fact, it is growing bigger and better. Email marketing is still one of the best ways to generate sales in your business.

This article talks about why email marketing is not dead and why you should use email marketing in your business if you are not using it already.

Build a strong one-on-one relationship

When you hear people talking about the death of email market, it’s usually followed by an explanation about how everyone is now using social media instead of email. Social media is big, but it cannot replace email.

This is the same story that was heard when email first came around and threatened to replace physical mail. It is true that email replaced a lot of letters and postcards, but web design agency Liverpool can confirm that email marketing is not dead. Social media can never replace email because social media websites are places to be social while email is where you can focus on building a strong one-on-one relationship with your customers.

Customers prefer Email

For the last 7 years, web design agency Liverpool can report that personal communication via email has declined by 21%, while personal communication via social media and text messages has increased by 10% and 20% respectively. This clearly shows that social media cannot replace email.

What’s even interesting is that according to research by ExactTarget consumer’s preference for commercial email messages versus other communication [like social media or text messages] has increased by 5% since 2018. The main difference here is that there are people who are moving their social communication over to social media and text, but they still use email to do business. Customers want you to send them emails, not tweets or texts.

Mobile phones

Unlike in the past where getting an email was on your desktop computer, and you had to carry an Ethernet cable with you, this was pretty hard. But now with a mobile phone with you can access your emails 24/7 and this has made people to expand their definition of a quality email. And as mobile phone users continue to grow, it shows that email is here to stay.

Coupons and information

Many people like to stay informed, about the things that interest them, like when a company is launching a new product., but few people want to spend time going back regularly to websites like web design agency Liverpool to stay up to date on a company’s happenings. But they will head to your website if something informs them that there’s a reason to visit. For example, a recent email with a coupon to get a 10% off by pre-ordering your new product today.

People are still checking

One good thing with using email marketing is that people always check their inboxes. Peoples’ interest when it comes to social media platforms come and go, but websites such as web design agency Liverpool and emails have consistently shown a high ROI for every dollar spent. People check their email daily, at least once. This tells you that email marketing is here and it will stick around as long as email remains to be the cheapest, fastest, and the most effective way to share information.

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