Is Your Website Design Hurting Your Business?

First impressions last – and that’s exactly why effective, efficient and responsive website design from Blue Whale Media should be a priority for savvy website owners. Keep in mind that your target customers will more likely spend longer time on your website, place links to your website on their own accounts, and refer your business to their network with a well-designed website as well as perform the desired actions (e.g., buy products). Your sales and profits will then increase.


Indeed, successful online business owners know that saleable products and services are insufficient reasons for their target customers to patronise their business. Their target customers should first have good reasons to visit and browse the websites, thus, further encouraging them to patronise the products and services with the help of effective sales techniques.

With that being said, here are the ways that your website design may be hurting your business based on its elements and tips that you can remedy these issues.

Issues With Aesthetics

Website design primarily covers the aesthetics of websites considering that it refers to the process of presenting text, audio-video, and image content on web pages. When viewers find issues with aesthetics, they are less likely to stay on the site and perform the desired actions for good reasons. The issues may include too garish colours, too dark background, and too messy layout, among others.

Tip: Look at your website in the eyes of your target customers. Keep in mind that the lines, colours and shapes as well as textures used on your website create a mood, which should ideally encourage your viewers to spend more time on your website.

Issues With Images

Images including graphics and photos catch the viewers’ eyes first because of the brains’ natural reactions to their attractiveness (i.e., ease of seeing images than reading text). Too large and your website visitors will be unable to get the desired information (e.g., how to buy) for lack of space; too small and their eyes will not be attracted to your website.

A good balance between images and text must be achieved so that your website visitors have images to catch their attention and text to provide them with information.

Tip: Ensure that the primary image on each page should be crisp, colour-managed for fast loading, and compelling to encourage browsing of the text. Experiment with the image until the desired balance is achieved.

Issues With Navigation

Even when your website has pleasing aesthetics including attractive primary images, these will not hold your viewers’ attention when it has navigation challenges. Effective navigation establishes trust among target customers since it can easily be explored, thus, encouraging them to believe that it has nothing to hide. The easier your viewers can navigate the site, the faster they can get information, and the better they can act on your desired actions (e.g., buy products and services).

Tip: Create the navigation tools, such as menus and site architecture, with the end users’ preferences in online searching and browsing in mind. Your goal is to provide users with a seamless browsing experience, such as moving around the website with ease and finding their required information.

Otherwise, your website visitors can just as quickly click out and there goes your opportunity to make a sale and to maximise referrals.

Of course, with content still being the king in search engine optimisation and conversion optimisation, your website should always have quality content that your visitors will appreciate. Contact the team at Blue Whale Media today to discuss your web design project! 

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