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Jamie – Random Q&A

Jamie – Random Q&A

Question 1 – How long have you been working at Blue Whale Media?

4 months.

Question 2 – What do you love the most about working at Blue Whale Media? 

The people and casual environment.

Question 3 – What do you hate the most about working at Blue Whale Media?

Thinking of something to write a blog about.

Question 4 – What is your dream car?

Rolls Royce Phantom

Question 5 – Cats or dogs?


Question 6 – Glasses or contacts?


Question 7 – Mac or PC?


Question 8 – iOS or Android?


Question 9 – What is the silliest way you’ve injured yourself?

I’ve walked into a lamp post and managed to break my wrist playing non-contact rugby.

Question 10 – Is it coming home?


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