What is Keyword Cannibalisation in SEO?

Keyword cannibalism is when you have several pages on your site that all quarry the same keyword. When you have more than one page sketched for a particular word, you result in competing with your own site. It further leads to each page ending up with a decreased click-through rate (CTR), reduced authority, and also lower rates of conversion. Blue Whale Media

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In simpler terms, cannibalism means the act of breaking your click-through-rate, and conversions and links that either ought to be joined together or be aiming different keywords. If the pages that are consuming each other can be bagged to different keywords, the certainty that they are both in the ranking is good. But if you are ranking more than once with two pages for the same keyword, this is what happens:

You harm the quality of the pages

Your pages are competing for views with each other, while both have only average relevance instead of being one page that is highly relevant. Keyword cannibalisation also notifies Google that your content may not entirely be relevant to the keyword. This results in damaging the quality of your pages.

You could devalue your more relevant page

Google works towards excellence when it comes to understanding what every page of a website portrays. However, if you have got multiple pages targeting the same keywords, there is a possibility that it might mistake the wrong page as the most important one and devalue the more relevant ones.

You are diluting the backlinks

If you have several links, they will most probably be leading people in many directions for what is basically the same content. So instead of piling numerous links to one big source of content, you are dividing that potential between multiple pages.

You put your conversion rates in danger

You cannot be sure that all the pages you have created will convert well. One page will have more conversion rate than the other, but new viewers are being divided across several pages, and they are not directed to that page with higher conversion. So you have to be sure that new visitors/leads go to the most relevant pages. This way, the users will also be more satisfied with their findings and won’t bounce off to other pages. Hence, making the page ranking grow and even lower bounce rates.</p.

How to prevent keyword cannibalism

An effective way to prevent cannibalising your own content is to make a spreadsheet that contains all your URLs and their correlating keywords.

You should research thoroughly for any keyword strategy and plan carefully while choosing your focus keywords. Pick the keywords that have high volume and those that will not garner too many competitors, and optimise your pages.

If you are not certain about how to optimise your pages, you can take the help of Blue Whale Media to do the job. It will help you see where your website currently stands, how well it is profiting, and places where you can make improvements.