Lights, Camera, Action! The Impact of Live Videos in Marketing

Keeping up with the latest social media trends is something I find really intriguing. You have probably heard a lot of new things happening to different social media platforms but one trend that is very popular is Live Video. Over the last few years, Live Video has become more involved in people’s lives and pretty much everyone has watched or been involved in a live video. Did you know that approximately 100 million people watch some sort of online video daily? Let’s find out more…

What is Live Video?

The term ‘Live Video’ pretty much explains itself. It involves filming a video on the spot and publishing it live as it happens to an audience. This takes the process of streaming the video from your chosen equipment (phone, camera, tablet, computer, laptop etc.) and recording live to a social media platform. By doing a live video, it obviously means that it is not pre-recorded, and you won’t necessarily be able to edit it.

Platforms Enabling Live Video

To go live on social media, you need to make sure you are logged into a platform that enables this feature as not all of them do. Probably one of the most popular ones is Facebook. This platform introduced live streaming a long time ago and is still one of the most used social media for it. Another popular platform enabling live video is Instagram. You can now go live on your Instagram story and even interact with your audience as they send in comments or questions while you are recording. They can also interact by sending an emoji to show if they are enjoying the live stream or not. This again is another step in the streaming world. There are many mobile apps out there too that can allow this feature.

What are the benefits?

A huge benefit to live videos is the feature that notifies your followers when you go live. This is something that Instagram and Facebook have done successfully, and it means that people are less likely to miss your video as they click the notification and go straight to your live streaming. Another benefit which was previously mentioned is the fact that people can interact in real time. This means it is fresh and relevant so more likely to produce hot leads rather than people forgetting about it or having to wait for their questions to be answered.

Advice for Going Live

Going live on social media can seem quite daunting as there is no second chance and people will be watching you in the moment. Something that is important to do is making sure that all your equipment is fully charged. Whether you are filming on a camera or phone, you need to charge everything and also double check that your phone signal is high as you don’t want to be cut off mid-way through your video. Another tip is to try out a practice run before going live. Have a set layout that you can run through beforehand and see how it feels then amend if needed. This will also make you seem more comfortable and confident.

Fitting into your marketing strategy

Now you’ve found out what live videos are and some of the benefits that come with this feature, you can now start implementing them into your marketing strategy. If you are interested in going live on Facebook, Instagram or another social media platform then you need to make sure your social media as a whole is built to suit your company needs. If you want help with your marketing then visit our website or call us on 01925 552050.

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