How Long It Takes to Create a Website

There is no definite timeline to create a website as each website is different and has its own requirements. The technical expertise and project management skills of your web design agency obviously determine the length of completion. But, how you, as a client, cooperate and communicate with your web design Warrington agency, is crucial as well.

Making yourself available whenever required, and providing valuable inputs at every phase, can contribute towards quicker website completion.

A website may take a few weeks or even several months to go live. Let’s take a look at the timelines for a typical website design project.

Simple Features

If the only features you are going to have on your website are some images, text, and a simple contact form, your website should be completed within a week. If the number of pages is less, say somewhere between 1 and 10; text and images are ready to use; and you’re using a template-based design such as WordPress, your website can go live within a week.

Custom Features

If you are looking to include few custom features, and the web design is not fully based on a template, it can take up to a month for completion.

A web design Warrington agency employs different methods to realise desired results. So, adding more custom features adds to the time of completion. It can easily take 3 to 6 months to build a non-template-based website with multiple custom features, from scratch.

Complex Features Brought To You By  Your Web Design Warrington Agency

Complex custom features add to completion time. Adding a multi-layered security feature for your ecommerce website, or including a search and match functionality based on numerous parameters for your matrimony website, are some examples.

Custom features need to be built and aligned with other related elements to deliver an efficient user experience. The entire process can take a maximum of 6 months or more, depending on the number of complex features and the need for custom design.

Weighty Design Elements

It can take 6 to 12 months if your website design includes:

• Numerous rich images as in movie, photography, and luxury watch brand websites

• Heavy gaming graphics

• Creating feature-rich social networks

A well-designed website is a gateway to your business aspirations, and an accomplishment for your web design Warrington agency. At Blue Whale Media, we ensure that you experience a smooth and skilled process, from design to development and completion. Working in your best interest, our team delivers a stunning website that meets all your needs.

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