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Luke – New Year’s Q&A

Luke – New Year’s Q&A

Question 1 – Do you have a new year’s resolution?

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Question 2 – What’s your best memory from 2018?

The World Cup

Question 3 – What are you looking forward to in 2019?

Watching Liverpool bottle it again

Question 4 – What changed the most for you in 2018?

New friends

Question 5 – How do you think Blue Whale will change in 2019?

New office

Question 6 – If you could change one thing from 2018, what would you change?

More holidays

Question 7 – Did you complete your 2018 new years’ resolution?


Question 8 – What is the biggest thing you learned from 2018?

Don’t leave food where dogs can get it

Question 9 –  What was your biggest time waster in 2018?

Arguing with the Mrs

Question 10 – In one word, how would you describe 2018?


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