How To Make Your Marketing Matter

It’s well into the new year now so if you haven’t already, you need to be thinking about your marketing for 2019. Now you’ve had time to settle back into work and have got everything prepared in the office, your marketing strategy needs to be the top priority. Getting your brand out there or continuing to promote your brand will give your customers the push they need to get involved back in your company. Even for the most dedicated marketers, it’s hard getting back into the swing of things which is why we’ve got a few top tips to get your back up to speed.


Everyone loves to find out new statistics and facts which is why infographics work as a treat. By impressing your audience with infographics, they can learn and also share amongst other people. Infographics could be about a variety of things including your performance last year, statistics about the industry or specific things about your company like the rise in employees. It is proven that an audience prefers to look at graphics over text which is another reason to use infographics.


If you are struggling with figuring out what your audience wants to see from you then there’s no harm in asking them! If you’ve created loads of content and people weren’t responding, then it would feel like a waste of time but if you ask them then you can guarantee they will prefer that content. A good idea to get audience feedback is to run a poll or a survey, whether this is to a new audience or existing customers. A quick tip is to make sure that the survey is mobile responsive and if you do run a poll on social media, it needs to be easy to answer and easily visible.


No matter what sector your business is in, you need to make sure you are keeping up with the trends surrounding your industry. If there’s a particular trend floating around, then you need to jump on board and either implement yourself or write content around it. You need to let your customers know that you have knowledge on this topic and are reviewing it to see if it is beneficial to your business or your clients’. A good top tip is to make sure you are reading the latest news articles on websites that specialise in your industry and also maybe even writing a blog about it to show your understanding.


Thinking about where you want to take your marketing next is a difficult thing, but you can always learn from your past. Reflecting on your progress last year can help you to see what was successful or what you could have done better. We all seem to fall into habits and just producing the same content which is why thinking of a new way to do things can make a big difference. So think about how you can improve but take helpful tips from your previous efforts.

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