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Email Marketing


16th August 2022


When we build a campaign strategy for our clients, we want to understand their wants and needs and what the desired outcome looks like for them. For this campaign, it was important that clients are welcomed to the audience newsletter. This is to improve customer retention and customer relationships with Fitzpatrick by making that strong first impression.


We wanted to ensure that we conducted detailed industry research to ensure that we remain on target with what the client wants. As we had initially created new branding guidelines for the client, we wanted to ensure that the same guidelines were implemented across the email design. This included colour scheme, assets and tone of voice to really reinforce the brand identity.


With this campaign, we wanted to create a detailed and branded email design that included all the relevant information about Fitzpatrick Photography. We created a beautiful email design that captures the essence of Fitzpatrick Photography whilst also enticing the audience to fall in love with the imagery and the business itself. The friendly introduction to the business helps to build a better repertoire with the potential client base. Sending out a more personalised welcome email means that the customer has a great first impression of the business and as the copy includes all important information about the business they are able to make a more informed decision about the services without having to go digging for more information


With the success of the “Welcome Email Campaign”, Fitzpatrick has been able to make that solid first impression with its potential customer base, which has resulted in a better customer conversion rate. Having this option to build an audience base means that the business can implement their own future email marketing campaigns as they now have an established audience base to do so.