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Benefits of the Starting Link Service.

The team at Blue Whale Media Ltd are highly trained and can undertake multiple levels of SEO for you. But the starting links service is a great place to start if you want to give your website a boost without hefty monthly costs.

Superior website content
Our copywriters craft unique, semantically relevant content for your niche.We will create 100% exclusive, original content – based on your budget and requirements.

Superior Content

Scalable SEO campaigns
The Starting Links service is a time-based service so you can spend as much as you want to spread your costs or do a one-off payment to optimise your whole site at once.

Scalable Campaigns

Support service
We are based in Warrington and we will create a fully report once you have completed your campaign and what we recommend you to do next so you always know your options.

A Support Service

Starting Links Packages.

Here are our 3 new packages for you to choose from.

Foundations Small


3 URLs

2 Anchors per URL

6 In-Content Links

3 Top Level Blogs:

With 1 Post Each

Foundations Medium


3 URLs

5 Anchors per URL

32 In-Content Links

4 Top Level Blogs:

3 With 5 Articles Each

1 With 1 Article

Foundations Large


3 URLs

5 Anchors per URL

48 In-Content Links

8 Top Level Blogs:

With 3 Original Articles Each

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