How The New Mavic 2 Enterprise Can Be Used

Drones, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or also called sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) are rapidly becoming the most popular tool for boosting safety, efficiency and productivity for many industries including Fire Departments, Police, Farming collectives, Survey and Mining, as well as industrial construction and inspection.

As Web Design Warrington notes, search and rescue, heavy equipment inspection and maintenance and survey are some of the leading industries that heavily rely on drones. The new DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise is precisely the type of drone that will help such industry in accomplishing tasks more incisively and quickly.

The Mavic 2 Enterprise comes packed with several industry grade accessories including a loudspeaker, anti-collision beacon, and an attachable spotlight. Aside from the ability to carry payloads, Web Design Warrington discovered that the drone also has inbuilt obstacle sensors which not only ensures safety when flying but also allows the pilot to manoeuvre through difficult airspaces easily.

With extended functionality and additional security features, These are ways the Mavic 2 Enterprise can be used;

First responders can better respond and react to emergencies with the Mavic 2 providing aerial vision. Web Design Warrington says that emergency responders can save resources both on manned aerial flights like rescue helicopter and personnel and therefore the use of a Mavic 2 helps in cutting down costs. The attachable spotlight that comes with this new drone can assist in detecting victims in poorly lit areas or under night cover, therefore, expediting the rescue attempt. The loudspeaker can also be attached to the drone and used to alerting victims that help is on the way and also giving directions to rescuers.

Web Design Warrington also notes that search and rescue personnel are usually faced with extreme challenges during rescue missions including navigating through steep terrain, harsh weather conditions, and remote locations. The Mavic 2 Enterprise gives rescuers the capability of making a quick assessment of the search area to plan the missions most safely and securely. With the help of the drone, they can access tight spaces and fields covered with canopies so they can collect data in real-time and update their train locations to expedite the search.

Web Design Warrington attributes this ability to the anti-collision beacon that comes with the new Mavic 2 Enterprise which allows the drone to be tracked even in heavy thickets as well as discover other drones to avoid a collision. The drone also uses its in-built obstacle sensors to negotiate through tight spaces rough terrains with ease.

The ability to fly in tight airspace also makes the Mavic 2 Enterprise is an excellent drone in the inspection of heavy machinery. Engineers can fly the drone to areas they cannot easily reach. Thanks to the live video streaming feed and 2x optical zoom capabilities, the engineers can inspect which areas of the equipment are faulty and make necessary arrangements to get it fixed.

In construction, roofing experts can use the drone to provide roof installation solutions including measurement and inspection. Using the drone mapping technology, the installers can measure the entire area they need to install the roof thus ensuring consistency and accuracy in their job.

The Mavic 2 Enterprise is a welcome gesture from DJI; now industries can cut costs, maintain accuracy and enjoy better work safety conditions due to the drone-based solutions.

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