Menu Design Options For Your Website

Research from our Warrington web design team, have found the moment a visitor is on your website, the first thing that he’ll invariably look for is your website’s navigation menu. The navigation menu helps the visitor in finding the information he is after quickly. Understandably, your website’s menu plays a crucial role in creating the right impression on your visitors. Looking to create your very first website? Here’s a look at four great menu styles to consider for your website. This will greatly help you in your discussions with your Warrington web design agency.

Horizontal Menu

This is the first choice for website designers around the world, and justifiably so. If your target audience consists of visitors who like to get straight down to business, a horizontal menu is your best bet. This menu type is pretty much the default on most websites, so there’s a ring of familiarity here, making it easy to use this menu.

If you have a deep list of sub menus and drop down options, horizontal is the way to go. Our Warrington web design team recommends this option hands down.

Floating Anchor Menu

Floating anchor menus are the new rage these days. Perfect for long scroll websites, a floating anchor menu allows visitors to navigate different parts of your website at the click of a button. As the name suggests, the menu keeps floating, and are always visible no matter which part of the website the visitor is at. The Warrington web design experts at Blue Whale Media can create the perfect floating anchor menu for your website. Talk to us today.Content Creation WordPress was originally built as a blogging platform. Content creation is one of its several strengths. And we all know how important content is for SEO. WordPress has been built for fast, effortless and continual content publishing. You can scale your WordPress blog quickly and efficiently.

Vertical Menu

Vertical menu design is increasingly becoming a popular option. Often found placed on the left hand side, the vertical menu is a great alternative to horizontal menu. It will create the right impact without confusing your visitors. A vertical menu is a perfect choice for blog as it leaves a lot of white space in the middle of the website to play with. If you opt for a vertical menu for your website, make sure the menu names are short. Talk to your Warrington web design team to determine if this is a good fit for your website.

Bottom Of Page Menu

Want to sway away from the crowd? Throw a little surprise on your visitors with a bottom of page menu. This is ideal for websites with a clean look with one image as the focal point of the page. Ready to discuss your web design needs? Contact Blue Whale Media today for the perfect website for your business. Call 01925 552 050 now to schedule a free consultation.

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