Microsoft Set to Release New Subscription Service for Windows 10 (Renting Windows 10)

Microsoft is coming up to introduce a payment package for Windows 10 which will require consumers paying for the operating system and charge for leasing the entire PC per month. This is now named as Microsoft Managed Desktop whereby the firm will manage the tool on an operating system which will do away with updating procedure. This change comes along with significant development in cloud computing through website architecture to perform for analytics and perform critical functionalities; a service offered readily by the web design agency Manchester.

Microsoft Managed Desktop

Ideally, this is a subscription service for business which also includes the Windows 10 operating system thus clearly tells that Microsoft is not planning to replace the new Window 10 at all. For companies, this is another optional subscription service whereby they will lease the PC hardware which must be running Windows 10 which spells out that businesses are not just paying for software.

According to web design agency Manchester, Microsoft offers Windows 10 a one user facility though feature apprises and reinforcements will cause significant challenges to information technology. The business environment will have to experience issues such as efficiency regarding time and funds.

Lease a Device

Microsoft should lease the whole device, and have all feature apprises and reinforcements tested and established firm for precise hardware created thus removing the uncertainty. That is not the situation currently since a considerable number of desktops have diverse hardware components which Windows 10 is trying to maintain each configuration to a success. You may visit web design agency Manchester to find out how hardware affects speed.

Microsoft’s associates at present offer something related to Microsoft Managed Desktop on its Present Workstation called service banner. Comp Now as an example offers a complete set comprising of a scheme of your choice, Enterprise Flexibility and Safety, Office 365, managed IT facilities and customer care and a monthly warranty subscription.

HP Service Package

HP offers a device like a service package though it is not under the new desktop banner thus like VMware and Citrix companies can decide a particular method and get technical aid, helpful management capabilities and quick repair for a monthly charge. Through Microsoft, Microsoft Managed Desktop is developing a hardware service whereby the organisation helps up a program package comprising of Office 365, Enterprise mobility and security and Windows 10 not forgetting that Microsoft rents hardware as well.

Surface Service

Surface offers surface devices through the firm cloud solution providers for a periodic monthly fee as well. Web design agency Manchester offers good cloud computing solutions. The same case, Microsoft provides a surface plus software for consumers to access a surface device for a fixed fee every month.

Windows Autopilot

Lastly, there is the Windows autopilot which is a Microsoft resource for installing windows ten without the contribution of Information Technology. According to the Microsoft Company, Windows Autopilot delivers a system and pre-configuration outfits so that consumers can operate on their own without any difficulties or technicality.

Wrap Up

As evident, Microsoft company seems ready to put in place the made-up Microsoft Managed Desktop package for the users as per the fixed monthly fee as stated. According to web design agency Manchester, though with all this innovations and changes, it is not clear if Microsoft will lease the devices straight to clients, or if the hardware associates will deliver the devices with added features.