A Mobile Responsive Website is No Longer an Option – It’s Necessary

Our website design Manchester team believe a responsive web design is one in which your website fits itself accurately to the screen of the device being used by the visitor. With the rise in usage of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, a responsive design has gained immense importance. Professional website design companies no longer offer mobile responsive design as an optional service, but integrate it into their standard service list as a necessity.

An effective mobile responsive website created by an expert Manchester website design service delivers the following benefits for your business:

Improved User Experience

With your website capable of fitting smoothly to any screen size, your mobile visitors will not have to zoom in, or tilt their device, to view your website.

This impressive first look, coupled with good mobile-friendly navigation, and clear calls-to-action, are sure to deliver a pleasantly memorable user experience. A professional website design Manchester service can help integrate a robust responsive design that delivers all the above results.

More Search Engine Friendly

Search engines, especially Google which is a leader in the field, are favouring websites that have a mobile responsive design. So, if your website has a responsive design, and has other SEO strategies well in place, then it has greater chances of getting ranked better.

Reduced Bounce Rates With Website Design Manchester

Bounce rate refers to the tendency of visitors to leave a website immediately after a visit without continuing to other pages. A responsive design from our website design Manchester team, minimises bounce rates arising from:
• A visually unpleasant website that doesn’t fit on users’ device
• Inconsistency of information – you may have a separate mobile website, but may have omitted details that the user is interested in, in the mobile version.

A responsive design well-executed by a specialist Manchester website design service saves you the cost of creating and maintaining a separate full-fledged mobile website. With such a design, your website is also scalable to any device of the future.

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