How Much Should I Be Spending On SEO for My Website?

The answer depends on a lot of things. Before you decide how much to spend on SEO, it’s important, to begin with, your goal as well as the ROI you expect from your investment. This would give you the right start. At Blue Whale Media Warrington web design agency, we offer professional SEO services at affordable prices.

Determine Your Digital Marketing Budget

To start with, figure out how much money you want to invest in digital marketing campaigns in general. Then, work out the portion of this budget that you want to use towards SEO.

If you are a new business, consider spending more on creating content as part of your SEO strategy. If your business is already established and doing well in organic search, and you are investing in content as well, then perhaps your website’s technical aspects may be keeping you from hitting the top spot in the search results. Technical issues include unresponsive design, broken links, and lost images.

If your website has such technical issues, then you must budget for technical improvements, on page SEO as well as user experience. Be sure to hire an experienced Warrington web design agency.

Questions to Ask to Determine Your Budget

Ask yourself these questions to help determine your budget:

  • Is your business B2C, B2B or both?
  • Are you selling a service, a product or both?
  • Is your website an online store or are you looking to generate leads online?
  • What kind of organic search traffic are you getting currently?
  • Since how long has your business had an online presence?
  • Are you ranking on the first page of Google for any search phrases?
  • If the answer to the above question is a yes, then what has resulted in this? Blog content? An SEO plugin for your WordPress website? Video content?
  • How competitive is the market for your keywords?

How Much Will SEO Cost?

It’s wise to hire a Warrington web design agency for SEO. An agency specialises in such work and can deliver effective results while maximising the return on your investment.

If you included content marketing into your SEO budget, it may make up as high as 50% or even more of your digital marketing budget. The more effort you devote on content creation and SEO, the better and the more effective the results.

How much you spend on SEO depends on the size of your website, the number of keywords you are targeting and how much you can afford to pay each month. Blue Whale Media offers affordable SEO packages for small businesses. Get in touch with us today to discuss your SEO campaign.

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