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My Apprenticeship at Blue Whale Media – Holli Rice-White

After I left high school, like many of my friends, I had no idea what I wanted to do as my future career. The decision was intimidating! I had many choices and deciding to pick just one seemed frightening. Carry on reading my blog to find out how I got to my apprenticeship with Blue Whale Media.

Why I Chose Blue Whale Media

I had been down many career paths before I landed on my feet at Blue Whale Media. After realising retail, waitressing and horse grooming wasn’t what I wanted to be stuck doing, I joined and attended local colleges and organisations to help find what I wanted to do. Warrington & Vale royal college helped me with the starting point of my search. I quickly understood that it was Business Administration that I wanted to start my future career in. I never thought that I would find an occupation that I wanted to perform in. The college helped me through job interviews and pointed me in the direction of Blue Whale.

My Business Administration Apprenticeship

I began as a Business Administrator apprenticeship at Blue Whale, and I was overwhelmed that I had committed myself to something I enjoyed doing. In the first few days, I was doing very simple tasks like making up folders that will be sent out to potential clients and adding clients to spreadsheets. Once I had completed my training, I began cleaning, and reloading website builds and ventured on to maintaining the company’s stationery stock.

My role at Blue Whale Media Today

So, one year down the line and I have progressed from a Business Administrator to a Social Media Executive. I have gained many qualifications with Blue Whale Media from GDPR, Cybersecurity and Yoast training that benefit the role I am currently doing and future progressions within the company. I was given the opportunity to advance into the marketing team and since I made the change, I haven’t looked back. I still carry out most of the administrative tasks that go hand in hand with my apprenticeship course, but I mainly participate in my marketing role on a day to day basis.

My Future Plans

Now time to tell the future… At the minute, I plan on staying at Blue Whale Media for as long as I can! I will be finishing my Business Administration in September, earlier than planned. Once I qualify, I will begin my level 3 digital marketing course to help me progress in my current role of a social media executive. From here, I will see where the future takes me.

Advice for Someone Thinking of an Apprenticeship

An Apprenticeship was the best option for me because I didn’t have any qualifications in the admin sector. I am now learning on the job and gaining so many life skills I never thought I would need. For anyone thinking about an apprenticeship, I would defiantly say just go for it! An apprenticeship opens so many new doors for someone just starting out with their career. I would say go into the process with your eyes wide open and ready to learn!