After starting Blue Whale Media one week ago I have quickly come to realise that this is something that I want to turn into a career and grow with the business. It has only taken me one week to visualise the route that I can head down while being a part of the team at Blue Whale Media. The route that I picture is very enticing to me and motivates me to succeed in my job role.

What is it like being a part of the Blue Whale Media team?

First off, the team are amazing. On my first day, I felt a little out of place as well as being nervous to start my apprenticeship with Blue Whale Media, however everyone in the office did their part to ensure that I was at ease and that I transitioned comfortably into my new job, from the little things like having a chat, to the bigger picture such as directly addressing me to keep me up to date with what’s happening. Both of these scenarios had a big role to play in easing my nerves, although it may not have been a big deal to the team, it certainly means a lot to me.

Inside Blue Whale

As well as making sure that I felt comfortable within the workplace, the team have a good strategy in place to maintain a smooth flowing work environment. I always have something to do!

I must admit that Blue Whale Media is a very different workplace than what I am used to. Instead of being told what to do and then doing it, all of my tasks for the coming weeks are written into my personal schedule and I complete my workload accordingly. Essentially I am left to my own devices, but any support that I need is always there. All I have to do is ask and the team will help.

On the subject of support, training sessions are being held before the working day starts so that everyone can build their knowledge on the different services that we offer such as Web Design, Pay Per Click and SEO.

Why did I choose Blue Whale Media?

So why did I choose Blue Whale Media? For this, I’m going to have to take you back to March of 2018. This is when I originally discovered the company and immediately I knew that I would work here. Unfortunately, I missed the application deadline, an error of my own doing. This was perhaps the biggest, yet most valuable mistake that I have ever made. On one hand, I had missed the best opportunity to peruse my perfect career. On the other hand, it taught me the valuable lesson that you cannot take an opportunity for granted because if you do then you will always think “What if”, and for me, Regret isn’t on my bucket list. This is when I set on my mission to find an apprenticeship within the Digital realm. I applied at various places, but none felt right in comparison to Blue Whale Media.

Moving back to the present day, I saw another opportunity coming from Blue Whale Media and I knew that I couldn’t pass on this one. If I did pass by it, then I would not be sat here after my first week, and I couldn’t be happier with where I currently am. I finally feel a part of something bigger than myself.

The Work

At first, the work was like a warm-up exercise. Even though it was of importance, it really helped me to stretch my legs and get a feel for what I will be doing. Over the days of my first week, the workload has gradually been increased. Not so much that I am overwhelmed with what I am doing, but just enough so that I can better understand how fast paced it actually is working for a digital agency. It is a lot different than I anticipated. It is a whole different ball game from working in restaurants, but I love every second of it.

The Knowledge

The management team do everything in their power to ensure that everyone in the team has the most knowledge possible, this is one of the ways that they keep the business running so smoothly. As I have previously mentioned, I am an apprentice. This isn’t unusual at Blue Whale Media, as 90% of the team are apprentices. We do all of the same work that we would do, however, we get a qualification at the end of our course. We can then progress to do other qualifications if we would like. This strategy works very well because as well as learning on the job, there is also coursework to be completed to protect the knowledge that we have gained. The best part about the coursework is that it gets written into our schedule to be completed during work hours. The advantage of this is that we don’t have to complete coursework at home like you would have to do at college or university.

My Final Thoughts

If I had to describe Blue Whale Media in 3 words I would have to pick,

  • Strategic
  • Engaging
  • Trustworthy

They are a great business to be a part of, whether you’re a team member or a client, you know that you are well looked after. I can definitely see myself being a part of the team for a long period of time and watching the business grow from the inside. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week and I’m excited to see my personal growth in 1 year as a result of Blue Whale Media.

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