My Top 6 Favourite Plugins For After Effects – Element 3D

This is by far the best and most useful plugin for After Effects and I am used to using it to a very high standard, unfortunately it comes at a very costly price and is not available to use on the Mac Mini due to its overwhelming graphics card requirements. Element 3D V2 is a 3D software within After Effects which in itself is a blessing as After Effects is a 2D software. It allows you to transform objects and text layers into 3D with ease and has a great material set.

Optical Flares

Another great plugin which allows you to create realistic flares with great adaptability. This is particularly useful when editing drone footage as the sun is easy to manipulate, meaning that effective flares are possible.


Saber is a plugin that allows the creator to produce and animate light beams and can be used to manipulate logos or shapes. This is an excellent plugin as it has great flexibility within itself.

Magic Bullet Looks

A first entry for Red Giant on my list as it has been dominated by Video Copilot so far.
This is a plugin that I have used for years, as it allows you to easily create magnificent colour corrections. These are tailored to whatever edit you may be doing.

Magic Bullet Misfire

This is an odd plugin but one that I find myself using on a regular basis. It allows the creator to easily apply dust/smoke particles and deep scratches similar to those on an old TV set.

Trapcode Particular

Last but certainly not least, we have particular. This is a fantastic plugin that allows you to create anything you want using particles alone. It is one of the best plugins I have ever used and has a limitless number of things possible with it. You will never be able to fulfil its entire potential.

I combine all these great plugins to create fantastic graphics and animations for Blue Whale Media and their clients!

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