Why You Need a Local SEO Agency

Local SEO, also known as local search engine optimisation, is an effective method to market all of your local business online to specific areas. It will help businesses promote their services and products to local consumers at the exact time.

It has grown so much over the last few years, especially with the rise of mobile device usages and enhanced connectivity. It may have some similarities to organic SEO, but ultimately it is quite different. The primary focus of Local SEO is to provide relevant results to a searcher, all based on their location. Learn more about local SEO from our SEO Warrington experts.

Building Citations

You will achieve more visibility online and make improvements to local rankings by building local business citations. Your website will garner more sales and traffic quickly. Building citations on websites such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, and other online directories that are relevant such as TripAdvisor and Yelp, will boost your online visibility and web crawlers will begin to associate your business and website with your local area and region.

The right people will find your business at the right time. People who are genuinely seeking your products and services will locate your page. Citations form a core part of any locally-based SEO campaign.

On-Page Optimisation

It will help improve the traffic for searches that are the most relevant. A list of on-page and off-page factors are considered for optimizing your website for locally-based SEO positions. Continual visitation of your on-site optimization and adjustments is needed to reap the benefits and profits of local SEO.

Being vigilant and productive of your website and its functionality will benefit your business and improve the search rankings. It does not just improve online visibility but serve up content that is relevant and accurate to your site traffic.


The distance of your address to the searcher plays an important part in local pack rankings. It is a factor that is out of your control. It is impossible to change your physical location and address relevant to the search user. However, there are other factors to possibly influence the situation in your favour. An example would be the use of a Google My Business profile.

Google My Business is free to use and has a user-friendly interface. Businesses that verify their information on Google My Business are considered as reputable by customers. You will be able to offer a ton of useful information such as opening hours, contact number, business category, and website address.

Learn more about optimising Google My Business for local SEO.

Prominence and Relevance

Marketing your content and building links is the key to staying relevant. How popular your business is and how your listing meets the requirements of users decide how good your business’s local ranking is. Local content marketing will help your business stay prominent and bring customers closer to your campaign, brand loyalty, creating stronger links, and increasing engagement.

When you take the time to build evergreen resources that are locally focused, you are most likely to garner links back to your website from other local businesses. Whether it is from an industry-specific site or a local source, these important links will push your signals while adding to your credibility and authority as a local business.

Summing It Up

With recent research for local SEO, the proximity or distance to a business matters most when it comes to attracting local customers. About 92% of the population travel only about 20 minutes or even less to buy their daily essentials. It is reason enough to invest your resources and time into a local SEO campaign for any size of business. It is the correct investment for any local business.