Nintendo Labo Changing Toys

Do you remember playing with Lego when you were a kid? Do you recall the joy of placing those pieces of plastic together and building a house? Or maybe you created a Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, if you had rich parents who were happy to buy all the merchandise going.

So here at Blue Whale Media, the Web Design Company Manchester, we’d like to pose a question: wouldn’t it be great if you could combine the tactile experience of toys like Lego with the virtual world created by a video game? Well, fortunately, you can do exactly that because Nintendo have released Labo.

What Is Labo?

Instead of looking like plastic bricks, Labo actually comes out of the box as flat pieces of cardboard that you cut out and make into things, such as a fishing rod or a piano. Or you can make a backpack with a visor attached to your head, for instance. These items are known as Toy-Cons.

And these Toy-Cons are compatible with the Nintendo Switch. And at our web design agency Manchester, we’re well aware that Switch began selling in 2017 as a major video game console. It can be plugged into a TV or used in a way similar to a tablet.

How Does The Labo Interact With The Switch?

Labo offers you motion-controlled fun. So when you move the Labo fish rod, for instance, you will see a virtual fishing line move in the same way. And some of the Toy-Cons incorporate the Switch controller, which happens to be called a Joy-Con.

But at our web design company Manchester we feel it’s important to point out that each Toy-Con is sold with a Switch game cartridge. The latter comes with video instructions on how to build your Toy-Con. Plus, it also features games you can play.

The Most Difficult Toy-Con To Build

One of the most eye-catching Toy-Cons is the Robot. This one comes with the backpack and the visor that you attach to your head. But it also comes with strings that are attached to pieces of card that you hold in your hands or wear on your feet. So, when you move your limbs, the Joy-Con – which is placed in the backpack – reads your movements and translates them into a robot moving on the screen. Then you can play games with this robot, which mostly consist of punching things until they blow up.

This leads our web design agency Manchester onto the next observation: some of the games have been criticised for being too repetitive. According to press reports, some reviewers have said the games can get “dry” pretty quickly. But we also think that there’s a strong chance that Labo could become a massive hit, and even rival Wii for presenting gamers with a new and innovative ways of interacting with the virtual world.

We’re also impressed with the Toy-Con Garage. This allows you to write your own code – so you can create brand new experiences, or games, unique to yourself. Or you can use it to interact with other Toy-Cons that you’ve already built.

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