Why does Blue Whale Media have an open plan office?

Blue Whale Media hasn’t always been the company we are today. We originally started out in Manchester on Kings Street with just two members to the team. Over the years we have moved office a few times, each to ensure the space for growth.

In June 2017 we moved to Birchwood Blvd, which was for the first time a completely open plan office. This has turned out to be one of the best moves we have made so far. It has been great for the growth of the business and for the team.

Dedicated Pods for 2019

In 2019 we started the year with a move around. This was mainly to accommodate the changes to the departments. There are now four pods each dedicated to their own area within the business.

We have a design pod which homes our three web designers and their account manager. This enhances the communication to clients and means it is a lot easier for the designers to discuss ideas and resolve problems.

The marketing pod contains the head of marketing, social media experts, PPC & SEO Guru and our in-house content writer. Having the team leader on the pod allows for improved communication and support for the staff.

We have the sales pod, which contains the three members of the sales team, including the Managing Director, Gary Sweeney who heads up the department.

Finally, we have the design pod, this pod homes me, two graphic designers, the videographer, drone pilots and the motion graphic designer. Having all these elements on one pod makes for great post-production of footage in which both motion graphics and live footage can be combined.

Increases Collaboration & Creative Ideas

By far, one of the greatest benefits is increased collaboration. With multiple people are working in the same space it breeds the inclusion of different minds and ideas. This results in greater diversity in ideas and input and that there are still psychological and productivity benefits from in-person communications in the workplace.

At the Blue Whale Media office, we have an open meeting table which means that different members from teams can come together to discuss a project and come up with a variety of ideas without being too far away.

Issues are dealt with efficiently

One of the best results to have come from moving to an open plan office is that problems are solved quicker. As the saying goes two minds are better than one. Well at Blue Whale Media it’s more like five minds, so you can see how this is beneficial. It also generally means that people don’t sit there in silence trying to solve a problem on their own as they are far more comfortable asking for help or advice.

Makes for a close team

I know one thing I didn’t expect either. But humans are social beings which mean there are still psychological and productivity benefits from in-person communications in the workplace.

It also has been proven that open-plan offices encourage staff to move around the office more. This is great for both their minds and physical bodies instead of being hunched behind a desk for long periods of time.

Having no physical barriers within the office also improves the air and light flow. This can be a great help in keeping people engaged.

The main benefit is that staff are close to all management

One of the main benefits myself and Gary have found since growing the team is that having an open plan office keeps us close to the team. This is a great benefit as we can ensure that it’s a happy and stable ship. This makes for great productivity and engagement from the team.

It’s also a great environment to bring customers into as they get to see all the teams and the buzz of each of the creative departments.

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