How to optimise your eCommerce website for conversions and sales.

How to optimise your Ecommerce website for conversions

If you run an Ecommerce website, you probably know how important is to optimize the user experience to generate conversions. It also involves a huge task of getting the right product and portraying detailed information regarding the benefits.

However conversion is a different task altogether and you might want to optimize your page to the fullest to let users purchase your products. Several factors such as images, website speed, specifications, and promotions, among others play a crucial role in the conversion rate.

To solve your Ecommerce conversion rate, we have listed some of the best practices that big Ecommerce websites employ on their site. Here is a list of ten optimization steps that will boost your conversion rate.

Recommend what your user wants

Personalized recommendation is an excellent tactic to boost your conversion rate. According to a study, most online shoppers look for Ecommerce store that offer personalized recommendations. So, how do you get them the products that they want?

Using the browsing history of users allow Ecommerce store to offer product recommendation. It is an excellent strategy as your customers always end up with products that they are more likely to buy. Ecommerce giants such as Amazon use this strategy to feed related products based on customer’s previous browsing history.

Use high-quality images and videos

Pixilated or low-resolution videos will undoubtedly portray a bad impression on your customer, which hinders the user experience. Using high-quality images of products that you will list on your site is always an excellent tactic to increase conversion.

Your Ecommerce store is probably based on customer’s browsing history, which indicates that they already know what they want. Employing professionals or professional-grade images and videos will not only boost your conversion but also increase your website’s popularity.

Offer free shipping

Adding shipping charges to your products will undoubtedly benefit you, but it is the least you would want to do. Free shipping always attracts buyers and will instantly boost your conversion rate. Many Ecommerce giants employ this strategy, which guarantees their popularity and trust.

However, there are some constraints and we know that some products have to come with shipping charges. To maintain a trust among your customers, it would be best to mention that cost upfront and to include no hidden costs.

Tip: You can also use a shipping calculator on your website.

Shopping Cart

Adding a shopping cart widget on your website is another excellent tactic to increase conversion rate on your eCommerce website. When a user visits your website and decides to purchase a product, this widget helps them to arrange their items. A persistent shopping cart will remind the user about their listed items even if they leave with making a purchase.

This widget will help the customer to keep track of their information about their inquiries. As most customers tend to keep items in cart for future purchases, it is undoubtedly a must-have feature for any Ecommerce website.

Employ freebies and discounts

Discounts and freebies are undoubtedly the most alluring ways of increasing your conversion rate. Customers are bound to enjoy your website space as it provides excellent products with amazing discounts and freebies.

You can create coupon codes and loyalty points to your users, which will positively impact their buying decision and help you gain more sales. It is also an excellent strategy to gain more customers via your exciting customer’s referrals and word of mouth.

Create scarcity and urgency

You might have seen timers on products on Ecommerce websites showing limited time offers. If you match great products with unbeatable prices, and a timer, a potential buyer will undoubtedly react to it.

Scarcity makes customers jump from one website to other, but if you combine scarcity with urgency, you are bound to witness some upward conversion rate. You can add labels such as “Limited Period Offer” and emoticons to further elevate that urgency.

This strategy has been a great success with most Ecommerce websites to increase their conversion rate.

Use testimonials and reviews

One of the best ways of communicating trust to your customers is to have reviews and testimonials on your product page. This feature enhances your customer’s trust considerably and will help them to make a purchase decision.

According to online surveys, most consumers tend to read a review before making their mind to purchase a product. One excellent way of doing that is to allow your previous customers to write reviews about their purchase and how they feel about your website and products.

Employ a secure payment portal

Yes consumers care for their money and a convincing trust badge will help you gain the trust of your consumers. A first-time visitor might get enticed by your products catalogue, but what will get him going is a secure payment portal that handles his information securely.

This feature generates trust and your consumers will feel secure while dealing with their purchase. A clear and convincing trust badge will not only increase your conversion rate but also help you gain reputation among your customers.

Customer Support

An effective customer support ensures that your consumers have a seamless user experience. It helps them to clear their doubts and confusions regarding product purchases or after sales support. Many consumers do love to have an efficient customer service that guides them through every process.

You can also incorporate live chat software to make it more convenient for your customers. It will help them to understand your products better and also guide them with their needs with a helpful chat session.

Social media sharing

In a day where social media is the hype of the industry, it is undoubtedly a welcome approach for your Ecommerce website. You can create social media accounts and encourage your consumers to share their experiences and learn about your new products.

This strategy will boost your conversion rate considerably and allow you to have more sales over time.


If you have an Ecommerce website implementing the above-listed tactics will boost your conversion rate. You can try to infuse all of them into your website or try them orderly to see which works best for your business and website.