Osmo DJI Series

DJI is the leading manufacturers of aerial drones globally. They’re well-known for innovating high tech drones made for personal and commercial use. DJI create drone series in which they innovate from a previously made drone and often make it better to keep current and up to date. These series consist of the Inspire, Phantom and Mavic. As well as innovating drones they also create handheld camera equipment allowing people to capture the most stunning photography and videography within their own hand. The Osmo series consist of handheld products which are easy to manoeuvre and use almost anytime and anywhere.


The Osmo is a handheld portable camera made to take shots with ease and comfort. It is far above the level of just filming with a normal smartphone as it offers stabilisation through its gimbal with easy to use handles and intelligent functions.

Osmo Mobile 2

The Osmo mobile is a handheld easy to use gimbal for your smartphone allowing you to capture everyday life. Its intelligent functions and smooth filming due to is gimbal stabilisation creates stunning shots allowing you to share your story. Weighing 485 grams Its lightweight design makes it easy manoeuvre making it portable. Some of the intelligent functions consist of hyperlapse, motionlapse, slow motion and timelapse. It’s also has a battery life of 15 hours making it hard to miss any moment. Osmo Mobile 1 is like the 2 but obviously less advanced.

Osmo Pocket

Similar to the Osmo mobile the Pocket doesn’t make use of a smartphone and already has a camera built into it again which is made with a gimbal for smooth shots. It is the smallest 3-axis handheld stabilized camera DJI has ever made. It is there to turn any cinematic moment into a memory at the click of a button straight from your pocket. It is incredibly small giving it a weight of just 116 grams. With its intelligent functions and easy usability, it truly is a work of art.

Osmo Action

The Osmo Action is the latest addition to the Osmo series. Similar to a go pro the Osmo action is a lightweight portable cubed shaped camera. The camera is waterproof, Temperature resistant and made for impact allowing you to capture anything that is thrown at you. A front screen allows you to frame anything allowing you to take the perfect shot. The durable and versatile action camera sets no limits to what shots you can achieve.

What the Osmo series is used for

The Osmo series can be used for various things and is mainly used by the general hobbyist. They are great for personal use and depending on the application they can also be great for commercial purposes. They are great for capturing all aspects of life, whether that be impressive landscapes or for sporting reasons, there really aren’t many limits to what they can do and capture. I would highly recommend to the general hobbyists who want to create memories.

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