Simple tips for writing persuasive web content

It is a common mistake as even experienced web writers have issues writing content. When you’re writing, what do you think of? Do you picture a potential customer reading your content?

Web content is totally different from printed content; a lot of web copy is scanned rather than read. Your web visitors are hunting for information or products and make quick without thinking.

How can you persuade web visitors to take action if they don’t read your text?

Find your visitors

Web visitors hunt for information or a product they can buy. They do not like spending too much time looking for a particular product or service. They also do not want to browse the entire website as they want to locate what they’re looking for, hence, making a fast decision on the usefulness of your website. It is upon you to ensure your site is not too complicated and web visitors can easily find what they are looking for by a mere glance.

Put your most important information first

Your goal is to inform your audience of the service or product; it needs to persuade them to buy or look into it. Start by putting your most important information first, an essential step in the art of web persuasion. Information about your company or service is most important to your web visitors. Generally, a simple statement of what you do will grab their attention. Once they understand what you do, they might want to know some more important details like background information. Basically: what do you do? What can you offer or do for them?

Write for scanners

Research suggests that only 16% of people read web pages of word for word, most people scan. How can you write for scanners? Does your headline communicate what you’re about? Does your image caption communicate a clear message?

Your web visitors are hunting for information or products, ensure they can understand your most important information by just glancing at your website. In your content, you should include short paragraphs and sentences, avoid unnecessary jargon simply tell your visitors what you can do for them.

Expect people to arrive anywhere on your website

Most web writers will not start reading at the homepage; they can arrive anywhere on your webpages. Don’t rely on navigation bars to tell visitors what to read or do next. Each page should be easy to scan or read and each section of your website should be easy to navigate for the user. Tabs, buttons and links should be used to tidy up the presentation of your website and help visitors to navigate throughout your website.

Make a visual impression

Web content and web design should work together. The visual appeal of your website impacts the readability of your content and influence web visitors to understand who you are. Pictures and videos work well as content, too; you can provide information to your visitors in a better way by adding videos and pictures to your web page or blog posts. This will be one of the best ways to reach your audience and also increase traffic as well as leads.

If your position of writing persuasive content is clear, then it will be much easier to stand out on the web and be found.