PPC-Related Terms You Should Know

Pay Per Click, most commonly known as PPC, is just one form of online marketing. PPC is where the company/business will pay for clicks on an advert, but money will only be spent when users are interacting with the advert. It’s a smart way to get your services/products out there as only your target audience will be clicking on the advert. If your PPC campaign is set up correctly then it can work wonders for your sales. If you’re still unsure what a PPC advert looks like, then head to Google, search for something then at the top of the page you will see links to websites with the term ‘ad’ next to it, highlighted in green. This shows it is a paid advertised compared to SEO. If you’re not familiar with PPC then you’re unlikely to have heard of the PPC related terms. Carry on reading to find out terms you should know.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

For digital advertising, one of the main focuses is keywords. Search Engine Marketing or SEM is any digital marketing that is completed on a search engine. SEM contains both paid advertising (PPC) and also SEO which focusses on search engine optimisation. This is the basic term for digital marketing as it covers both aspects and is what you will usually hear when marketing is involved.


CPC stands for Cost-per-click and is all about the amount that a company pays for on a PPC advert. When it comes to these adverts, an advertiser will pay for each click and your bid is set into an auction deciding what order your ad will appear in the search engines. Obviously, the higher the bid, the better the placement your ad will receive. The term cost per click is an important one to know as it is the basis of PPC and what PPC is all about.


When it comes to PPC adverts, each ad will be set to target a keyword or key phrases. The keywords used are relevant to search queries you want your advert to appear on and these inform the search engines on what the advert is about. A keyword/phrase is usually the product/service name and potentially involves a location depending on the demographic you are targeting. Once you have picked your keywords then you can set specific CPCs within the advert.

Landing Page

The term landing page is described as the page where users will go to when they click your PPC advert. This is a critical element to the strategy as it is the whole point of the advert and the end goal. The landing page can just be a homepage, or it can be a specific web page on your website that relates directly to the keyword used.

Marketing With PPC

Now you know the important PPC terms, it’s time to start advertising your company. PPC can be a great tool to help you market to the right audience within your own budget. Setting up a campaign can be quite difficult and take a lot of time to complete. An agency like Blue Whale Media can do all the work for you from start to finish. We also have experts that can help monitor your results and adjust the campaigns accordingly. Our team can work with you and your budget. Find out more about our PPC services online or call us on 01925 552050.

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