Preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most popular sale days out there if you have your own business selling goods this will be a busy period for you with a lot of preparation to make sure the days go smoothly.

Preparing your eCommerce

If you have an eCommerce website you should start planning early as customers will be on the look out for what is to come. The best time to start getting the word out to customers is around October time. To entice customers this is the time to start with coupons and special offers also any graphics etc stating that you will be taking part in cyber Monday and black Friday this will keep customers looking out for anything coming up and keep up audience on your site.

Website traffic and hosting

With busy periods your site can crash this is due to so much activity going on on your site to ensure you keep everything safe you should always back up your site if you are updating your site with graphics and adding more of or new products you do not want your website to crash and you lose everything you have done on it. Having a back up of your site is always handy and is less work/panic for you if anything does happen in any stage of the busy periods.

Discounts and offers

All business’s compete for the most sales with Cyber Monday and Black Friday everyone wants to do well a lot of people look for atleast 20% off products anything more is always a bonus so to stand out you have to do something special to catch customers eye, this could be something as simple as giving away a small gift with every order over a certain amount. To boost your sales you should consider doing a big offer but always make sure it is profitable to your business.

Social media marketing

If you have social media marketing this could be a great way of boosting your ecommerce. When running a advert on social media think of your audience the more publicity you get from your adverts the more people will visit and order from your site. Once of the best way to promote on social media is through Facebook this is a very popular platform and gives you a lot of flexibility to promote and boost posts to reach customers.


If you have orders on through your ecommerce in the past you may have customers email address’s already this is a perfect chance to send out a email to all customers letting them know what is coming up and maybe early access to any deals coming up before and early access to black Friday and cyber Monday before anyone else. Email marketing could hugely help you not only will people read the email they could also spread the word to friends, family, work colleagues etc which could also give you more audience on you social media and website which could result in more sales.


Although Cyber Monday and Black Friday are really busy and popular, being prepared and getting the custom in before the days arrive this will really benefit you in the long run.

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