How To Promote Your Company in 2020

With 2019 on the countdown to being nearly over it is time to start planning how you can improve your 2020 social media marketing. 2019 was one of the biggest years for social media from a continued rise of videos that are now being done to campaigns flying around the internet.

Social Media Marketing

If you have a social media platform where you can pump a little money into then go for it! Boosting posts, images, pages etc will really help to get you noticed out in the world. Spending a bit of money on your services has been proven to help successfully get business out there. Every year social media platforms are improving meaning competition will also be growing, take a look at the budgets you are setting yourself for the next year and make sure you are setting yourself up for a successful year ahead.

Video Production

Videos on a social media is a big one people these days love a good video which will stop them in their tracks, videos that draw attention will also be shared via social media platforms drawing attention to the people who are following them. The more audience you attract through videos will get you more followers and potentially more business. Videos are a lot more effective you can show your services/good and explain/demonstrate a lot easier than if you were just writing about something. Videos don’t have to be long, even short videos are effective – especially videos from a professional video production company.

Website Design

Having a website to direct customers to will help engage more of an audience as they will see more than what just is on your social media and all your services/goods will be available to view. If you have a website, making it mobile response will let customers have a good look through from wherever they are which may cause more audience. Keeping your website up to date with all your latest services/good and even software will keep it running smoothly and fast so the customers aren’t waiting a while for it to load.

Think About Your Target Audience

Whatever platform you use to showcase/promote your company always keep your customers in mind. Think about what they would like to see or what you would like to see if you were looking at another company’s social media platform. Think of the content, imagery and content, make sure it is eye-catching and will draw customers in to have a look through as this will lead to business.

Plan Your Marketing Strategy

Before publishing anything the best thing to do is plan plan plan! Sit down with team members who work in the field of social media and marketing to come up with the most effective way that will work for you and your customers. It is best to make sure you are 100% with what you are about to show off to the public as this is what is going to bring money in for you and your business. Make it perfect on the first time and you can relax that everything is being done and wait for the orders to come rolling in.

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