Pros and Cons of Recruitment Automation Tools

The automation of recruitment is a concept that has been there for a long time. Since the late 90s, the human resource department has been using technology to recruit employees by tracking applications. Currently, recruitment automation has even become more popular. The applicant tracking systems are today vastly used; they come with enhanced features that can integrate with new automation recruitment tools. These tools offer a lot of benefits however there are also some disadvantages. For instance in Web Design St Helens, it talks about the Amazon sexist algorithm tool that seemed to be biased based on gender. Recruitment automation tools assist in making it easier to recruit people by reducing the tedious work it takes to determine who deserves a particular position. These systems are used in sorting out job applications, storing the data and grading the applications that are offered. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of recruitment automation tools.

Cost Effective

The primary importance of recruitment tools is that it saves money and time. The software is used in posting jobs and storing applications. The recruitment algorithm tools scan through the forms and establish the applications that meet the requirements for the job and the ones that don’t. It also means that less time is spent in determining the best candidates for the open job position. It means that the company does not need to hire many recruiters making it cheaper for the companies. The recruitment algorithm tools are far much less expensive and require less money to maintain them.

Improves Efficiency

Web Design St Helens realises most of the factors that are important in determining the effectiveness of the recruitment process depend on the quality, expenses and time. The recruitment automation toll affects all these factors. It enables recruiters to find applicants based on particular criteria hence making it efficient.


Using a recruitment algorithm tool takes a shorter amount of time to shortlist the candidates that qualify for a given job position. To enhance some developments to the means or process of recruitment also takes a shorter period and effort. It is therefore flexible to adapt quickly to the changing trends.

Bias Issues

Web Design St Helens understands sometimes the recruitment tools may not be fair when choosing the right candidates. The algorithm may be used to select people based on specific gender or races which might eliminate suitable candidates based on unfair means. For instance, the Amazon algorithm tool that was tested online preferred men as compared to women. The system did not seem gender neutral when choosing the candidates and hence had to scrap it away. These are some of the problems that arise when using automated recruitment tools.

Accuracy Issues

When it comes to using algorithm tools, it might not be at times accurate. It is because these tools rely on keywords to determine who is fit for a certain position. Applicants who may know the algorithm can manoeuvre the system by including the essential keywords. Furthermore, it can lead to the dismissal of excellent applicants who lacked the necessary keywords and were ignorant of how the system works.

Web Design St Helens knows technology has enabled a platform in which the recruitment tools can be used to streamline the process involved in recruiting. However, new programs should be made to try and rectify any mistakes that may be required with such software.