Proven Tactics For Blog SEO Optimisation

Optimizing your web pages and blog posts ensures that your website is visible to many people. People who visit Google in search of products and services you deliver can easily access your site. Web Design Warrington recommends the following tips on how to optimize your blog for SEO.

Use long tail keywords

The first strategy to ensure that your blog is SEO optimized is ensuring that you select long tail keywords. Ensure your keyword is closely interlinked to the blog post. It should be relevant to what your post is about for instance if you are discussing paying online jobs you can select a keyword such as best online jobs available in the market.

However, the keyword chosen should not be overstuffed. You should use the keyword 1-2 times in the post. Overstuffing a keyword will make your blog post to be penalized by Google. On the other hand, insert the keyword naturally in the content.

Include your keyword in strategic areas

If you would wish for your blog to be SEO optimized ensure you place the keywords wisely in the text. You can insert your keywords on the title, body, headers, URL and meta description.

Mobile friendly

Most people browse using their mobile phones than using computers. If you want your website to gain more traffic ensure that you design a website that is mobile friendly. If your site is limited to pc mode, then your competitors will rank higher if their sites can be accessed through mobile.

Diversify your topics

It is another important aspect when attempting to optimize SEO on your blog. Web Design Warrington advises blog owners to ensure that you don’t use similar topic tags. If you use the same tags, Google will view that as duplicate content and might penalize your website.

Link your blog posts to other sites

Linking your posts to other sites is one of the best strategies of ensuring that your post is relevant and credible. If what you have posted on your website is similar to other ebooks, blog posts, among others it is essential to ensure that you interlink them internally to your site.

Add alt text to images

Alt text tells your readers what the image is about. You can include keywords in the alt text to ensure that they rank in Google images. It also improves the user experience as the viewer of the site will be able to identify the content of your image even when the image is absent. Web Design Warrington is professional in ensuring that your pictures contain relevant alt text that will help be discoverable in Google results.


They are so many sites available online thus it is crucial to find the best tactics to rank high. The best and most efficient way is ensuring that you optimize your blog for SEO. Web Design Warrington can help you to apply the above tactics in your blog.

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