Questions to Ask when You are Considering a Website Redesign

If your small business website is not bringing enough traffic, converting visitors or is not targeted at the right customers, you might want to hire a Manchester website design agency for a redesign. This is especially true when your website has been online for at least a year, and isn’t updated regularly. However, to ensure you get the best value from the redesign, start by asking these questions.

What is wrong with my website?

Old images, layouts, content or any other outdated element convey that your website is old and uncared for. A broken image or lots of missing pages can work against you. Prepare a list of all that is wrong with the current website and come up with solutions/fixes.

What is my goal?

What is it that you want to achieve from your website? Do you want to increase traffic? Do you want to convert more visitors into leads? A basic redesign won’t deliver different results. You will need professional assistance. Speak to a website development agency.

Is my current website mobile friendly? Check With A Manchester Website Design Agency

Your visitors will not hang on to your website long if it offers a poor experience. In fact, Google doesn’t consider a website relevant if it’s not mobile friendly. If your current website loads slowly, looks bad on smaller devices or isn’t compatible with multiple browsers, it’s time to invest in a mobile friendly website.

What do I want to achieve

Do you want to simply refresh or rebrand? Have clarity in this matter so you can make the most of your website redesign. When there’s a clear strategy in place, you will be able to reap rich dividends.

Should I get help?

You might be tempted to take up website redesign as a DIY project. Avoid doing that unless you are an expert web designer. In all other cases, hire a reliable Manchester website design agency.

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